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  • Nazish Chaudhary
    PhD Scholar, Clinical Psychologist
    Nazish is an expert therapist and a PhD scholar in clinical psychology. She has won a silver medal in her MS. Clinical psychology and an award for awareness services about mental health at national level. She has been working since 2011 helping clients overcome their relationship issues. She is an experienced professional and has dealt with diverse population around the globe. She is competent in cross cultural studies as a freelancer. She has worked in different clinical settings and is a former lecturer at Punjab University College, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Venus Huangsuwan
    BSc, Clinical Psychology
    Venus is a science graduate with a degree in clinical psychology from Kasetsart University, Thailand. She is fueled and driven by her want of knowledge learned from years of research helping people find success with their relationship goals. Venus is an experienced professional who also writes extensively on the subject of dating and relationships sharing her expert views with actionable and result oriented advice with a focus on cross cultural relationships.