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Hey there guys and girls! It’s Muai again in another great edition of Thai Girls Talk! In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about the numerous reasons of why foreigners from other countries should definitely think about moving to Thailand if they are thinking of moving to another country. Thailand is very rich in culture and heritage and there is so much to explore if one chooses to open their eyes and their hearts. From the large elephants that represent the heart of all Thais to the food that shows we are willing to take the extra mile to try something new. In fact, I have already made the effort to bring a list of many great things here in the Thailand that you should definitely be excited about if you are planning on living here. I have gathered all the best things there are in Thailand, but I’m still sure that even my list will pale in comparison to all the culture and heritage Thailand has to offer, but hey, I gotta try!There are just so many reasons and I can talk about them all day, but just to give you a good idea of what Thailand is all about, here are 10 good reasons I think why any foreigner should consider Thailand when thinking about immigrating to another country:

Food, food and more food!

Food is one of the three basic needs of any human being. Unless you are Superman, you will most definitely need to eat food! And many times, people want to eat good food that not only tastes good but is also good for them as well. Many different worldly cuisines offer great tasting food but aren’t as healthy as you would want them to be. Fortunately, Thailand has many different recipes that incorporate the use of stews and vegetables that strengthen your immune system and are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals that your body would surely thank you for. Thailand also has a wide selection of food from original Thailand food recipes that is guaranteed to make you forget your name to a unique selection of fusion recipes mixing Western recipes and Thailand recipes together. Thailand also houses some of the best chefs in the world and it is absolutely necessary for you to taste the good food that Thailand offers if ever you visit us here. The food is one of the main reasons why foreigners move here permanently! If it is food you want, you’re not going to run out of it here in Thailand because the food here is not only delicious but healthy as well!

Warm weather heals the soul.

Do you enjoy warm and sunny days under the sun? Do you hate it when it snows and when you have to wear so many layers of the same jackets and sweaters just to get warm? Don’t you just love those sunny days where the sun was shining and the there wasn’t a drop of rain or snow in sight anywhere? If you love all these, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here in Thailand! The weather in Thailand is one of the main reasons many foreigners decide to move here. Thailand enjoys tropical weather temperatures and you will rarely find yourself biting your teeth from the cold here, and although Thailand technically has a winter season, it does not snow here, although it can get very, very cold. Thankfully, winter does not happen often and you will find yourself enjoying the warm weather of Thailand more often than not. Thailand also has some of the best beaches that rival even Puerto Rico and a Thailand beach is definitely the best place to enjoy Thailand’s warm and loving tropical weather. I know that a lot of people from other countries are tired of snow and the winter season. Thankfully, there is a place here for you in Thailand where the weather and the hearts of all those that live here are as warm as the sun.

Thailand’s rich history is prevalent… everywhere!

You won’t run out of places to visit and explore here in Thailand! From the temples of old to the Elephant parks, Thailand offers a lot of places that everyone from age 1-100 will definitely enjoy! The Elephant Nature Park is a great landmark just to name a few! You can see the elephants in their full grace and beauty as they are given the highest level of care in the Elephant Nature Park where locals and foreigners alike can stand in awe as they stare at the beauty of Thailand’s national animal, the elephant. Or maybe you would like to visit the Grand Palace, a monumental landmark rich in history and culture. The Grand Palace is one of the places that represent our country so well because it shows what Thailand has gone through over the years, yet the palace has still held strong and is as beautiful as the day it was constructed, just like our country Thailand. There are also many different amazing temples here that would surely amaze you from the cultural history that their walls contain to the complicated and intricate structural designs these beautiful works of art have. There is so much to appreciate and experience in Thailand and I can say for sure that there is no other place like it in the entire world.

No money? No problem!

Moving to Thailand is not as expensive as you might think! Sure there are the luxurious beaches, the beautiful women (like me of course!), the delicious food and the grand temples! But that doesn’t mean Thailand is going to burn a hole in your pocket. No… in fact, Thailand is one of the best choices you have if you have a budget and are planning on moving to another country. Thailand is a country that can get you the most bang for your buck. This luxurious and culture rich country has very low priced products despite the high quality you’re getting. Only people who have moved or at least visited Thailand will be able to agree with how kind the prices are here. The food, despite how great they taste is actually very cheap! There are many different kinds of homes you can pick from in Thailand from condominiums to apartments and townhouses and I can guarantee you that none of them will cost you too much. Most of these homes are warm and beautiful homes that were built using high-quality materials. You won’t have to worry about snowstorms cluttering up your house because they don’t happen here in Thailand. Compared to living in Europe, Thailand is much cheaper yet you get so much heritage, so much life and so much more. Living in Thailand is something you will never regret, believe me, I know!

Thais are some of the most hospitable people in the world.

Thais are well known for how nice and hospitable they are to foreigners and their fellow Thais. If you plan on moving to Thailand, you better get ready to make a ton of new friends too! Thai people are addicted to happiness and it is evident in their every move. You will rarely find a person in Thailand who is sad, down and out. Many people in Thailand, no matter how they are from a financial standpoint, are always happy to lend a hand to others. It’s what makes Thailand one of the best places in the world. The friendliness of the locals is actually another one of the biggest reasons why many foreigners decide to immigrate to Thailand. Unlike in many other countries where people are always stressed about their corporate jobs and other things, the people in Thailand lead simple yet inspired lives that motivate them to do their very best every day and inspire other people around them to do the same as well. There is an overabundance of smiles in every city in Thailand! The best part about the people of Thailand is how much they’ve adapted to modern society. Many Thais like me have become very accepting of different cultures and are very easy to get along with. We do not shun away different people because they have different beliefs or come from different countries. In fact, we embrace new cultures and new people and tend to imbibe their ways of life into our own culture. Thailand is a happy place that welcomes all people from all walks of life. And despite the fact that many other people who come to live here have different beliefs, we still learn to accept and embrace them as one of our own. The beauty in Thailand is not only skin deep from the marvelous landmarks to the beautiful animals… No, the true beauty of Thailand can be found within the hearts of its people as well. Many foreigners have already told me that they enjoy talking to Thais the most as when compared to talking to different people from different countries because of how nice and accepting and understanding Thais are. Thais don’t judge you based on your appearance or on what job you have or even by your sexuality. People in Thailand judge you based on how kind and understanding you are. We take pride in knowing that we have some of the nicest people earth here in Thailand!

Girls, girls, girls!

This is one of my favorite reasons honestly! I’ve met so many nice people from different countries because they know that Thai women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. In fact, many foreigners who were not even planning on moving here met nice and beautiful Thai women which convinced them to stay in Thailand for good. It won’t be hard to find a match for your heart here in Thailand, that’s for sure. I’ve also met my fair share of foreigners from other countries looking for a new place to stay and believe me, all of them told me the same thing: They love Thailand and can’t get enough of it! One particular foreigner who I dated just a few months ago said: “Thailand is the perfect dating place for any man who’s looking to find love. You won’t run out of pretty girls to pick from! Plus, everyone here is so nice and happy! The dates are guaranteed to be good because of the many different landmarks I can pick from to take my date. None of them are too expensive too so I’m free to pick any place I want.” I know a lot of you boys have broken hearts because of some hard relationships in the past. Why not try something new and look for a new date here in Thailand?

Freedom to do more!

The costs of living in other countries are so high that you can’t even enjoy the things you love to do most. It’s difficult to be able to maintain a hobby in other countries because of how highly priced everything is. Even buying just the basics can tear a hole through your pocket. Fortunately, here in Thailand, there are many different ways to enjoy your time here because the costs are not too high. You’re given the freedom to express yourself a lot more because the costs of living are much lower than when compared to other countries. You can buy toys, date people, get the best food, explore the landmarks and more and still have enough money to enjoy your life. The malls, the arcades, the sights, the beaches and the parks are all in abundance and anyone can enjoy them for a price that won’t get them bankrupt. For all you girls out there, the malls here are fabulous! The shops are great and you won’t ever find yourself bored when running through the many malls that Thailand has to offer. From the different clothes and shoe shops to the coffee and food restaurants that our malls offer, there’s not a single dull moment anywhere! And for all the boys out there too, there are lots of arcades and hobby shops in Thailand. My point is that whatever gender you are or wherever you may come from, there isn’t a single boring moment here in Thailand and you’re always encouraged to try something new.

Our hearts are open to the LGBT community.

Thai people are famous for being very understanding of different cultures and communities and the LGBT community is no exception. We are very accepting of bisexuals and transsexuals here in Thailand. Many transsexuals from different countries immigrate to Thailand because of the low costs of living and because of how accepting the people are here. There are many doctors here in Thailand who specialize in sex reassignment surgery. The cost of having sex reassignment surgery is also much lower when compared to other countries, and all the people who undergo surgery are not accepted with loving arms by the Thai people as regular citizens. In fact, Thailand is famous in the LGBT community because many transsexuals come to live here to find good jobs and to live good lives. Thailand offers the cheapest yet the best high-quality sex reassignment surgery options for many transsexuals looking to make the jump. We are not shy of our LGBT friends here in Thailand. In fact, we embrace them wholeheartedly without bias or prejudice. If you decide to visit, you will notice that there are more transsexuals in Thailand because of how accepting our society is to them. They work regular day jobs just like everyone else and enjoy normal, happy lives with their loved ones.

Thailand is like one great, big happy family.

Many people from all over the world come to Thailand to enjoy its rich culture. Many times these people are convinced to live in Thailand permanently because of all the great things Thailand can offer to them. That in turn, fills the modern Thailand society with people from different countries around the world. It’s a big and beautiful family, and although other people from other countries have different beliefs, we have learned to accept and embrace them as one of our own. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Asian, gay, etc. It really doesn’t matter where you come from or what you are because Thailand is one of the most understanding countries in the whole world. There is hardly any racism here and LGBTs are accepted with open arms. Thailand’s understanding culture is one of the most appealing aspects of the country and is why many people always continue to pick Thailand as their country of choice when it comes to moving to Asia.

Job hunting in Thailand is easy as pie!

If you’re a foreigner looking to immigrate to Thailand but is worried about finding a job then worry no more! There are many companies in Thailand that look for foreigners with great English speaking skills. Many Thais still have a difficult time speaking good and fluent English which is why many companies are always looking for fresh foreigners who are looking to spread their knowledge of the English language. If speaking in English is not your forte, then there are many other jobs for you to undertake that pay well and are fun too. There are many corporate office jobs in Thailand as well for those who are used to the grind of the corporate ladder. There are also many foreigners who utilize the internet as their means of income in Thailand. There are many ways to make money from the internet and to showcase your skills as many websites require the use of any skills you may have. Whether your passion lies in marketing products or in writing, the online world is fast becoming the next big workplace as well. The fun never really ends in Thailand and there’s no shortage of jobs for you to pick from.

As you can see, Thailand is one of the best places to live in the entire world. You never really run out of things to find and do here in Thailand. The number of things to do here in Thailand is limited only by your imagination. Imagine walking down the Elephant Park with your family while enjoying some local Thai street food? Or maybe you’d like to stay at one of the resorts we have here in Thailand to enjoy the tropical weather and to have some peace and quiet and to become one with nature. Thailand also has some of the tallest mountains in the world and is definitely a must-see for mountain climbers alike. For those who are planning on a visit to Thailand, you’re sure to be covered because Thailand offers some of the best hotels in the world high-class service guaranteed. You’ll need only a taste of the beautiful country that is Thailand to know what it’s all about. Like I said earlier guys and girls, I’m never going to run out of things to say if I went on and on about how beautiful Thailand is. I’ve been living here since I was just a little girl and Thailand has taken care of me so well. I’m sure that anyone who is planning on living here will have a great time just like I did. And while there are many countries in Asia that offer their own unique blend of culture and landscapes to the table like Japan, Philippines, and Korea, Thailand is different from the rest because of how unique it truly is. Every foreigners I’ve ever met has always loved Thailand’s unique aura and I’ve never met a single person from a different country who didn’t like Thailand. Well, what are you guys waiting for? Start booking those tickets, packing up those bags and making those dates because Thailand is just around the corner waiting to for you to explore the endless sights it has to offer. Traveling to Thailand is a unique experience that I’m absolutely sure you will love and will never forget for many, many years to come!

4 thoughts on “This is why you should make Thailand your new home”

  1. Life is cheap in Thailand. That is reason why most retirees chose to move here and save on expenses. It’s unbelievable how low the prices for are in Thailand. Compared to Europe the whole country is a big discount shop. There is also so much competition and less collusion on fixing prices that we are certainly guranteed low prices for life.

  2. Finding a job in Thailand is as easy as pie. If you have a first degree, you are guaranteed to get a job in Thailand. Your first degree is your passport to paradise. You will certainly easily get a job as an ESL teacher. You will meet some of the most amazing students and people along the way. Although there are a few people who have found the going tough, most people have had rewarding experiences here.

  3. I have been in Thailand for years and I never seem to get enough Thai food. Thai food is really good. When my parents visited me here, they asked if they could pack it and take it back with them. This is because Thai restaurants back in the west do not do justice to the quality of real Thai food. Thais are passionate about food. Their life revolves around food.

  4. Thailand has the best weather. After the dreary winters back home, nothing beats Thai weather. I have been coming here for years. I come here mainly for the weather. It is the prefect tonic. There is nothing better than enjoying Thai sun lying on the beach. It is no wonder people from the West flock to Thailand during winter.

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