Thai women: What makes them so special?

What makes Thai women so special

It is known as the Land of Smiles. It has some of the best beaches in the world- clean, pristine, white beaches kissed by turquoise blue waters of the sea. There are islands tucked away in the sea which you can visit in boats and enjoy their flora and fauna.

The country also promises scopes of diving, snorkeling, and other adventure sports. Oh, I forgot to mention. It is home to some of the most spectacular palaces in the world. Not only wild nature and ancient architecture, the country also boasts of having a few cities known for their thriving nightlife.

However, there is another reason why Thailand has shot to fame. Thai women. Yes, those stunning women with perfectly sculpted bodies are the recent craze in the online dating world.

Thailand and its many attractions

Thailand is a delightful country. From its spectacular beaches of Krabi to Phi Phi Islands, from the Grand Palace to nightlife at Bangkok, there are so many things that have made Thailand so popular with tourists. Every year millions of people visit this small country which is a part of Indonesian peninsula, in Southeast Asia.

Such is the craze of these beauties that westerners who look for interracial relationships prefer dating Thai girls over women from other countries.

Thai women – the enigma of the east

Thai women are most sought after in the online dating world. You would find scores of fee Thai dating apps offering Thai women for dating, enjoying your time and even settling down with. Have you ever wondered what makes the entire world go gaga over Thai women? Or why you should date a Thai girl in the in the first place?

Thailand, being a popular tourist destination, sees many young foreigners visiting its capital and other modern cities where most of the young and educated Thai people reside. A major chunk of this population is women, who are liberated, educated, into good jobs and dream of a better life. Thailand has a stable political system which makes it easier for men to visit it, stay there for a long period of time and date Thai women.

Most of the Thai women are ambitious and know a little English. They are exposed to western ways of living and hence find it easy to mix with Americans or Europeans.

If you check online dating websites, you would find that Asian women are more sought after by western men for dating. Of these, the Thai women are preferred because of their smartness and beauty.

What makes Thai women so special?

They are beautiful, bubbly, petite and elegant. With long hair, gorgeous skin and a warm smile, western men find them very attractive. Most Thai women boast of great figures. Thai women are slim and fit and they look gorgeous. Most of them are hard working and family oriented. Maybe it’s in their genes, maybe its their lifestyle or diet, we don’t know but seldom would you see women in this part of the world over their recommended BMI scale.

Moreover, most Thai women are endowed with smooth and shiny skin which makes them more attractive.

Thai women are different and have some unique characteristics that make them so special. They are more mature, grounded and stable. You won’t come across a magnificent Thai women who fly off the handle at the slightest pretext. Yes, they know how to keep their cool and seldom lose their temper in public. Trivial matters don’t bother them and they can take small problems in their stride.

Another reason that makes Thai women great girlfriends is that they never try to dominate the relationship. You can make your own plans for the weekends and take her suggestion but she won’t be demanding you to do whatever she wants or deems fit. Thai women let men be men. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can always have your way but at least you don’t have to fight over everything.

The society of Thailand is still very traditional where the roles of males and females are well defined. Thai women still follow the rule set by their predecessors. They belong to the old school of people who believed in giving men respect for what they are. Thus, Thai women let men take the lead in the relationship. They are happy to play second fiddle to them.

Most people who date Thai women find reassurance in their presence. These women with their great culinary skills manage home nicely. They know the art of getting into the heart of their men through the stomach. They make great wives with their home management skills. They are adept at keeping the house in order and never balk from household chores.

Are you thinking that Thai women are like your grand mom who always cleans, scrubs and grumbles? No way. Don’t consider these women to be boring. Thai women possess modern outlook along with traditional values which make them so unique. They love dressing up in modern clothes, wearing makeup and looking stunning. They can drink with you, dance like a pro and enjoy life just the way you want.

Just like any other girl, Thai women also love to go out, have fun and enjoy themselves. They want their boyfriends to shower them with attention. Most Thai women are love-able and are always smiling. They have a strong mind and do not dwell on negative things for too long. They don’t worry too much but believe in making the best of what they have. This trait makes them truly special.

Thai women are special in some other ways like they are eager to keep their guys happy. They don’t expect much in return and get happy at small things.

Thai women, in general, are optimistic. They can adapt themselves to any situation; they do not complain much but try to change the situation to their benefit. I think, since the society in Thailand is patriarchal to a large extent, the women learn to fight from a tender age. They are realistic and know that they have to fight for their own rights. This makes them optimistic and at the same time strong and stubborn.

Simple, down-to-earth, beautiful, strong, and romantic – a Thai lady personifies all the qualities that a man wants in her girlfriend. Don’t you think possessing all the qualities is an enigma itself?

I know you must be dying to fly down to Thailand and find a gorgeous Thai lady for yourself. Before you board the next available flight let me tell you what it means to date a Thai girl so that you know what to expect and what not.

Dating a Thai girl – what you can expect

Since most Thai women speak little English, so breaking the proverbial ice, might be a wee bit of a challenge when you first date them. Don’t get me wrong, most Thai women would be able to speak passable English, just don’t expect to discuss Shakespeare. However, before you get into a relationship with a Thai women, you you might want to make yourself aware of issues faced by couples face when they are in a long distance relationship or are dating someone from a different race.

You can expect little surprises from your Thai girlfriend like a romantic email or a small gift when you go for dating.

Your Thai girlfriend would make your stay in Thailand full of fun and excitement. She would take you to good bars and nightclubs. She would suggest the best places to try Thai cuisine and shop for artifacts. Be it Pattaya or Bangkok, with your Thai lady, you are likely to have a lovely time in Thailand.

Being educated and well aware of the world, Thai girls can speak on a variety of subjects and make good conversationalists. Most of the young Thai girls work and are self-sufficient. They understand the importance of being self-reliant and are proud of the job they do.

If you take your relationship with any Thai girl seriously and think of marrying her, she would be happy to accompany you to your country. Her skills make it easier for her to get a job and settle down with you in a foreign land. As I have mentioned before, with her culinary and organizational skills, she would make a good wife.

Dating a Thai girl – tips for enjoying yourself

No matter how interesting it sounds, dating someone from another culture is not easy. Cultural differences, language barrier and disparity in lifestyle would pose a serious threat to your relationship. To make your relationship work with your Thai girl, you need to follow certain rules too. Here are some tips that may come handy if you are dating a Thai girl.

Be nice to her. This is the most basic etiquette you need to follow if you would like to land a second date with her. You’d be surprised how many people need to be told this. Thai girls are elegant, simple and honest. Give her your undivided attention and you would find her returning it with love and care.

Thai women are family oriented and place great value on the opinion of their parents. You should respect her feelings and be good to her family too.

Thai culture is different from western culture. It would be nice if you learn the basics of it. It would help you to understand your girlfriend better, bridge the cultural divide and forge a strong bond with her.

Do not cheat your girlfriend. Infidelity in any form is the worst pain that you can cause a partner and hence stay away from it.

If you are serious about marrying your Thai love, talk to her parents, seek their permission and then go ahead.

The Thai society is still very conservative. Kissing, hugging or showing affection in public places is not encouraged. As a mark of respect towards their culture, try to limit your PDA.

Learn her language. At least, learn the basic expressions so that you can communicate with her in her own language. This would also surprise her and make her love you more for all the efforts you are taking.

Limit your alcohol consumption. No one likes to stay with an alcoholic and a pretty Thai girl is no exception.

Treat her like a lady. Pay attention to her when she speaks, take care of her needs and do not misbehave with her in public.

Be genuine. Be courteous. When you go out with someone on a date, you want to enjoy and have a great time. The same holds true for her. So, take her to a good place, crack jokes, share funny incidents, and enjoy the food and the drink. Don’t think too much, don’t get serious. Let her enjoy. Ask her questions to know her better but if you find that she is refusing to answer personal questions, leave them.

Be a man. Like your granddad used to be. Remember the way he used to toil hard for his family and protected it against all evils? Thai girls still hold that image for their men. If you can be that man for her, she would be the perfect wife who looks after your heart and health.

Try her cuisine. Thai dishes are different from western ones but nonetheless tastes great. They are healthy too. Your lady love would be happy if you like her native dishes. She would enjoy cooking for you and keep on surprising you.

Avoid racial jokes. You may never know that she may get offended. So, avoid jokes that are racist, sexist and are of poor taste.

Knowing Thai culture – learn the basics

If you are dating a Thai girl and are serious about the relationship, you have to meet her parents and seek their permission to stay with her or marry her. Thai culture, being conservative still follows these traditions. Thus, the onus falls on you to impress them.

You must have known by now that Thai culture and traditions are quite different from yours one. That’s the beauty of interracial dating. You may call it a challenge also if that pleases you but the point is if you are not aware of Thai culture you may cut a sorry figure with her parents. So here are the basic tips on this land’s culture that may save you the day.

Do not raise your voice – if you have been to Thailand, you must have noticed that people tend to talk very softly. Raising a voice is an absolute no-no in Thailand as it is considered equal to losing your control. So, even if you have to differ with someone’s opinion, do so without raising your voice. Going quiet and humble is the Thai definition of good behavior and you must try to adopt it if you want to marry your Thai girlfriend.

What happens to your gift? Are you planning to get any gift for your friend’s parents when you first meet them? If yes, you may be taken aback by the way they receive your gift but do not open it. Most Thais do not open their gifts in front of the guests but leave them on the table. Do not take it as a mark of disrespect because Thais consider it rude to open gifts in the presence of the giver. So, they would open your gift once you leave their house.

Take off the shoes before entering the house – this custom is widely practiced in Asia. In most Asian homes, you would be requested to take off your shoes before you enter the house. The Thais are no exception. Since we roam around in shoes everywhere they contain a lot of dirt and germs and thus should not be taken inside the house, this is the logic behind this custom.

As I said earlier, the Thais are quite conservative and still hold on to old values. No matter how educated and liberated they become, they see still give men more importance. Thus, men get treated like men in Thailand. The flip side of this is you would be asked to take the lead in the relationship. Be it asking her hand from her parents or providing for her, all the responsibilities lie with the groom.

When going out with your Thai girlfriend, be ready to foot all the bills. If you suggest splitting the bill, you would be considered a tight and so get that idea out of your mind.

Take your finger down – this is another Thai culture that you may consider weird but it is still very much in vogue. You must refrain from pointing towards people, especially monks or members of the royal family. If you have to refer to anyone lean your fingers downwards with the palm facing upward.

To summarize: Thai women are elegant, beautiful and confident. Those who are exposed to western life have acquired a modern outlook while retaining their traditional values. This blending of old values with modern outlook makes Thai women so unique, so special and so attractive. It’s difficult to not love a Thai woman with such a cute smile. However, if you decide to date a Thai girl, you have to keep the cultural differences in mind and be sensitive towards her, and as you can see, its really not that hard to make to impress your Thai date and make her realize you’re a keeper and not a player.

Are you interested in dating a Thai girl? Have you met anyone interesting? Do share your experiences so that we can talk about it more.

7 thoughts on “Thai women: What makes them so special?”

  1. I definitely agree with you that Thai women are family oriented. That is part of their charm. The connection to the past. I love them for this. While we quickly move from home and forget our roots, Thai women cling to them. I believe this is what makes them awesome cooks and wonderful wives. I have lost count of how many times we have gone back to the in-laws since we got married or how many of her relatives we have visited just to say hello. Its great!

  2. My experience was actually fun. Some of the seriousness you described in your article was not part of my experience. My in-laws speak no English and it was hilarious how they went out of their way to accommodate me in a household that spoke no English except for my fiancee. I agree with most of what you have said but there are pockets of exceptions out there. I have never felt any pressure to fit in except the pressure I put on myself to fit into a culture I am married into.

  3. Thanks for a great article. I found it all to be very true and helpful. Of course each woman is a bit different. My girlfriend/fiance (of one year now) for example is from a farming village in Issan. Formal education usually stops at 8th grade and she would have trouble identifying countries on a world map.

    Sometimes she playfully refers to herself as “stupid” but, um, nothing could be further from the truth. She has a large cranium and uncanny ability to solve problems. One of her brothers got himself a college education and works for a tech company in Laos. Work ethic? She wakes up at 4:30 every morning; starts by cleaning the house from one end to the other; hand washing clothes; then starts food prep that includes making her own tofu, soy milk, sprouts, Thai snacks and meals that her mom sells in front of their house. Oh, and she drops everything to wait by the side of the road to feed monks as they walk by each and every morning at dawn.

    Then she takes the first of 2-3 showers for the day, meditates for at least 30 minutes and prepares breakfast for everybody. At 8 AM she rides her motorbike into town and opens her curtain shop where she sews and waits on customers. At 5 she heads home for another shower, 30 minute meditation, and supper preparation for anyone present. Here and there she is trimming fingernails and hair for various people; massaging her mother’s swollen legs and arms, boiling soy beans for the following days tofu and soy milk. Maybe heading out to the “bush” on her bike to collect wild veggies for the family.

    She usually takes a nap at her shop during the heat of the day, and goes to bed about 9PM. She doesn’t drink or party or disturb anyone about anything. She doesn’t like anyone else drinking either, which is fine with me, and she REALLY doesn’t like being trifled with and her radar picks it up with alacrity generally. She gets a bit ruffled occasionally but forgives quickly and moves on. Her personal hygiene and grooming are equal to her housekeeping. She exercises daily and is very fit. Here and there she’ll find a quiet place to call a friend or family member and much laughter is heard. She loves to chat and laugh as her schedule allows.

    If we go to the beach or somewhere, she will just ask me what time i want to leave and she’ll have everything packed and ready to go; snacks, towels, bathing suits etc etc. She totally gets my humor and loves it. She’s very playful and accommodating and takes great care of me in all ways. She has very very clear boundaries for what I have come to know as ‘trifling’ and ‘petty household tirrany’. Get it out of your system asap, if you want to enjoy the full bounty of what a Issan Thai wife can offer you.

    1. Thanks a ton for sharing your story! Looks like you’ve found yourself a keeper! Congratulations!

      A lot of people make opinions based solely on their visits to the seedier ares of Thailand. There are just so many men who have a beautiful relationship with regular Thai women who I wish shared their stories more often!

  4. I met my wife at the university in Thailand. I was an exchange student at the faculty of engineering, yes, she is an engineer, she speaks very well English and now she learns to speak Norwegian. She is a family-oriented person who has the perfect skill of cooking, though she can not cook much western food, but that is great enough for us. We hold 6 years of a long-distance relationship, somehow, we visit each other very often. She was an exchange student in Norway after my semester in Thailand. We married three years ago and I feel like I am the luckiest man in the whole world. My lovely thai wife got a stable job here in Norway in a short time, she is now on a B2 level in Norwegian and tries her best to achieve C1 level. Don’t get me wrong, she is not from the rich family. She is from a middle-class family where both parents work hard for their daughter. She told me that she has to work hard and study hard so as her parents could live better lives. She is very strong and a great fighter who never gives up easily.

    She always has a nice heartwarming smile which claims me down from all stress. I always feel peaceful next to her. I called her ‘the peacekeeping machine’. I think she has those kinds of the ray of peace from her strong belief in religion. She meditates 30 minutes every morning before she goes to work. My wife and I used to party a lot when we were students and she has a great sense of fashion, she loves taking care of herself and never let time kill her face (that is what she said to me though). Though she seems like a perfect woman but she is a very shy person, she still confuses why is she so shy this much, she doesn’t manage to talk much with my friends though she knows them for years. She has few friends but she said that they are her family, less but great qualities said my wise lady.

    After you read all these you might think that I am a lucky bastard. But hell yeah, I really am! She has everything men would ever dream of. We are together for 9 years now and we can not really keep hands off of each other.

    Good luck to all guys who searching for the love of your life!

  5. Jeffrey Hemstreet

    I am meeting my Thai girlfriend in a month. We have talked online for one year now and I am so excited to meet her in person. She is taking me to meet her parents in the Surin province so I am pretty sure she likes me….lol. I really enjoyed reading your article!

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