Thai girls – how to meet and date Thailand girls in 2020

A lot of men visit Thailand every year with the sole aim to have sex with as many Thai girls as possible during their stay. A quick search on the internet will quickly notice a recurring theme:

Come to Thailand and meet the sexy girls, where you are guaranteed to find the Thai girls of your dreams and live a happy fun filled holiday.

That’s the kind of over simplified headline you see every day on the internet.

This article has been co-authored by two Thai women (who are happily married to Europeans for the past several years) and an American who has spent a considerable time in Thailand and . All authors had full editorial independence to freely express their views. The authors are largely in agreement with the final version. The article is presented in first person voice in order to make it easier to read.

Its fairly common to see a lot of men come to Thailand seeking a girlfriend perhaps, to marry and seek a more long term relationship in general. Indeed its very common a lot of people in the former group to turn into the latter. But often, the single biggest mistake they make is they look for it in the wrong place as you will see later in this article.

Given the fact that you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re either just looking for some quick action or are contemplating a long term relationship with a good Thai girl. The good news for you is, you’re not alone! The thousands of foreigners visit Thailand for a sex holiday, but often end up in long term relationships with Thai girls.

The old saying goes that there is someone for everyone and in Thailand that is definitely the case for a single white male. The reason being, Thai girls tend to favour Western men over all other races including Thai. Some say it’s because they like the skin tone, others say it’s to do with our build but one thing is for sure, there are plenty of reasons why Thai girls love Western guys and prefer to steer clear of the average Issan village kind of guy.

Thai girls

If you’re ready and open to explore the world of Thai girls then get comfortable because this might take a while but by the end, you will know everything you need to make the most of the journey ahead of you. A journey of adventure and excitement. I’ll show you the best way to meet university girls and reveal the secrets to turn your online dates into an offline one in the shortest possible time. You’ll also learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes that could leave you with an empty wallet and a broken heart. Let’s just say it’s going to a wild ride.

Be warned though, once you’ve dated a genuine Thai girl, there’s no way you’re going back to dating girls from your home country. So proceed only if you can deal with that!

Now, some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, “Why Thailand and why Thai girls?” That’s definitely a good question and here are some of my answers:

What are Thai girls really like?

You definitely won’t run out of pretty girls to pick from in Thailand, no doubt! From skinny and hot pale skinned women to some of the tanner yet stunningly beautiful girls, they are definitely a treat for our eyes! While you may think that other countries also boast their own beautiful list of hot girls. There’s no other place like Thailand that delivers a uniquely classy look while keeping that drop dead beauty!


If I had to summarize what women from different parts of the country look like, this is how I’d do it:

Women from Northern regions of Thailand are cutest, those from the East are the sexiest, and those from the Central and Southern regions are the hottest. Of course, it’s just my personal opinion, so take that with a pinch of salt.

The obsession with white skin and silky hair

I’ve always heard that Thai girls are super crazy about the hair and beauty products they use in their everyday lives. They go the extra mile to find out what is actually good for their hair or skin. And you’ll definitely notice it the first moment you step out of that aeroplane. Their hair is the kind of hair you see in commercials from supermodels!

Face of an angel body built for sin!

Let’s face it. Compared to the girls in Thailand, a lot of western girls have very large and plump bodies. It’s just a different gene set (and a lot less McDonalds). And I won’t judge because that’s actually a good thing for a lot of guys who are into big bodied women.

Now if you’re like me and love a girl with a nice, slim figure then Thai girls are definitely for you. You’ll notice how slim and fit their bodies are the moment you lay your eyes on one! There’s definitely a big difference between a western girl and Thai girl when it comes to their bodies.

Just tuning in to some Thai TV programs has made me realize how slim and petite they really are! I’ve dated my own fair share of western girls and some of them were definitely slim too, don’t get me wrong. But most of the girls I dated in Thailand had near perfect bodies! Don’t take my word for it, just search it on any search engine and you’ll know! Just be sure you are on a girls page and not a ladyboys page. See advice above for pointers.

Of course, it’s not all about the looks right? I know a lot of guys out there look more on the personality of a girl rather than her physical traits (although you definitely won’t lose if you’re just looking for the physical traits of a woman when looking for a Thai girl!)

I’ve definitely met my fair share of girls in my adventures here in Thailand and here are some of the personality traits you should probably expect when dating them:

Personalities of Thai girls

Many men have also come to me, asking me “I’ve picked the wrong girl for me! What should I do?”

While many women share similarities with one another, no one Thai woman is ever the same. There are many different types of Thai girls out there as there are many different types of men as well.

Some of the girls you’re going to meet come from poor families and are very down-to-earth while others come from the middle-class part of the Thai society. You will probably also get to meet some girls from the higher echelons of Thailand’s wealthier families whose financial income will not only rival yours but will probably even surpass it! Some of these girls worked hard to get to where they are so they know what life is about.

Some of these girls simply inherited their vast wealth and know nothing about spending it or making good use of it. You need to truly understand the psyche of a Thai girl in order to have a better chance of finding someone you like. Here are some examples:

Poor Thai girls with a limited educational background

You will find plenty of these girls in the northern parts of Thailand (Isaan) and if you are looking for a simple, down-to-earth girl that will understand your needs and you plan to settle down in Thailand, then these girls may be for you for you. While it’s not an ideal situation, if you’re planning to get into a relationship with someone in this group, we recommend you read through the next few paragraphs to make yourself aware of the additional complexities that may arise in such a relationship.

Poor Thai girls from the northern parts of Thailand (Isaan and surrounding regions for the most part) usually have limited education compared to their counterparts hailing from middle class or well to do families in Thailand. Ability to speak English might be non-existent. This might make it difficult to carry on long conversations unless the two of you choose to learn each other’s languages. This is changing gradually as more and more have access to the internet and try to learn from TV shows etc. Don’t be too surprised to find yourself dating a Jersey Shore clone or someone from a music video. They pick up the mannerisms and the accent and it can be quite funny and endearing. I once dated a girl who kept saying

“Oh my gawddddd” in a thick New Jersey accent. Ok she got annoying after a month but it was fun for a while.

Considering their limited education, they find it difficult to get a regular job, which means you will be the primary bread winner of the family.

This type of relationship might be ok for you if you’re planning to settle down in Thailand, because given her limited English (or whatever language is spoken in your country) ability, she may have a difficult time socializing with other people in your home country which could lead to loneliness and frustration for her although more and more I see Thai girls living in many countries around the world and they always find each other with, you guessed it….. Social media. So get her a phone and an internet connection and things could be perfectly fine. She will also love the chance to talk with family back home via Skype etc. And when she is happy you can be assured she will make you happy too. It might also be a good idea for you to learn Thai if you’re going to settle down in Thailand and get accustomed to the life in Thailand.

Another challenge that she is likely to face is because she comes from a poor family she will be constantly judged for being a gold digger especially if there is a significant age difference between you two. Like it or not, there are always judgemental people. Some will automatically assume she is a Pattaya bar girl and you will have to proactively protect her from being unfairly judged.

Speaking of the age difference, a girl from a poor family is likely to make bigger compromises and “settle” for less with regards to their partner. She might be willing to get into a relationship with someone twice her age even though it might not be her first choice. However, I recommend you keep the age difference between you and your partner to a reasonable gap because people in vastly different age groups tend to have vastly different lifestyles and this could take a toll on your relationship pretty quickly.

On the positive side, one great thing about dating poorer girls from Thailand is that they tend to have simple tastes. If you’re not the type of guy who likes to showboat and please everyone, then you’ll probably do well with these girls. They will appreciate even the simpler things that you give them so long as they come from your heart.

Simple gifts will do just fine. Simple dates in simple places like a homely dinner in their local town will be more than enough. It’s more of the quality and less of the quantity with these girls. Just make sure that they feel loved and they will love you back with all of their heart.

In short, you will have to carry most of the relationship with these girls because they usually tend to be insecure about their upbringing in life. They will be happy to play second fiddle to you and will need lots of assurance that you love them because love is one of the things that keep them together despite the hard times them and their families might be facing.

Middle class girls

Middle-class girls from Thailand usually have worked hard to get to where they are. You can expect most of them to have a college degree at-least. Most of the time, these girls will have a regular day job or own a small business and earn enough to support themselves.

These women are mostly concentrated in the urban regions of Thailand and are used to a modern lifestyle. Ability to speak English will be middling to good in most cases. You’ll be able to easily carry off a conversation on various topics with the women in this group.

Exposure to western culture is limited to what they might have seen in the movies or television. So while they might not be completely used to western culture, cuisine or lifestyle, it won’t be completely alien to them either. Adaptability to a western lifestyle will also be high if you plan to settle down in your home country.

They will have a say in all family matters, but might be willing to give in to your opinion on important decisions.

Your odds of hitting it off are highest with a woman in this group because the social compatibility is fairly high in most cases. If you find such a person and plan to settle down with her in your home country, chances are she’ll be able to find a job there and lend a helping hand with the family finances. If this is the kind of girlfriend you’re looking for, online dating apps are your best bet to find them, because you certainly won’t find them in Thai bars

The rich and affluent girls.

The very wealthy girls of Thailand! To my surprise, there are actually a lot of them! From my experience, I would split them into two groups.

The ones who were driven and made their wealth through hard work and perseverance and the ones who spend most of their nights clubbing, drinking and just wasting away their lives wherever they can with their dad’s credit card.

Do yourself a favour and don’t date the girls who inherited their wealth. Don’t get me wrong though! I’ve actually met some girls who were rich from their inheritances and some of them were really nice and realistic. But that’s a rarity that I’m pretty sure most men wouldn’t be willing to take a chance on.

Then there are the girls who worked hard for the most part in their lives in order to achieve the wealth they have now. These girls are all different, ranging from business women, high ranked employees, investors, doctors, lawyers, etc.

Getting to know these girls would probably be great because they would teach you a thing or two about how to make money for free if you got to know them well! These girls also had great quality education early on in their lives so the language barrier won’t be a problem at all.

However, since these girls are used to the high life, they’ll probably expect the same from you as well.

They’ll want to know that their boyfriend is capable of supporting himself because they won’t want to date a male gold-digger! They will naturally expect their boyfriends to have a similar social and economic status on their own and perhaps also a decent educational background.

They’ll also want you to show them that you know how to treat a lady well. They won’t necessarily appreciate the simpler things and will want to see that you can play with them at their level. They will also open up many opportunities in Thailand for you and your business.

They will have an equal say in all family matters and your relationship will truly be on equal terms.

To some guys, these girls are usually too hard to maintain and they end up having broken relationships. I do know some guys who were willing to take the challenge and actually succeeded in having happy relationships with these women.

The only way you’ll be able to meet such girls though is through direct introduction via your friends and associates or via some elite match making agencies.

Physical intimacy with Thai girls

Don’t let the shy and generally conservative nature of the regular girls that you see on TV or in the movies sway your opinion.

Ever since I came to Thailand several years ago, I’ve made friends with many men from all over the world who later went on to be in relationships with a woman as their Thai girlfriends or spouse and it’s extremely rare that I have heard any of them complain about the lack of physical intimacy with regards to their Thai partner. If anything, they only had praises for having found a new, happy and an exceptionally satisfied life when it comes to physical intimacy with their partners. The fact that they are very private in public gives way to stories and gossip that they are cold and unlovable but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Don’t believe me? Do a Google search to find people complaining about an unsatisfactory sex life with a Thai woman. What you will see are numerous sex related stories but none of them will mention a poor sex life. Of all the things you’ll find people complaining about, lack of physical intimacy isn’t going to be one of them.

Do Thai girls have more relaxed views on prostitution?

Bar girls

We’ll let a Thai women who co-authored this article answer this question in her own words:

The question here is not as easy to answer as you would imagine.

First up you have to ask yourself this, if you were asked a very personal question like that would you answer it honestly? I think if you were completely honest with yourself the answer would be no or it’s unlikely.

This is also true for Thai girls. So while the ones you ask may say that Prostitution is disgusting or frowned upon or tell you they would never do something like that. The simple truth is many are lying or to put in a fairer term, they are too embarrassed to tell you the truth.

Being a Thai woman who has lived in Thailand most of their life I can tell you this is an accurate assessment.

I know many girls both in the trade and outside of it and while they may not like prostitution they are certainly more open and aware of its benefits especially in regions where there is very little else to do to feed their families.

Many will not talk openly about it but if it’s what they need to do then they will simply go and do it and just not talk about it. Of course if you ask their friends or family where they have gone you will get made up stories or flat out replies of “mind your own business” but for the most part this is to save face but both parties know that the other knows exactly what’s going on.

You will also find that many Thai girls will be very accepting of others if this is the path they have to take and will often help take care of the girls child or parents while the girl is away working.

In truth the only Thai girls that will be “or pretend to be offended and disgusted are the “Hiso” crowd.

Hiso being the term Thais use for upper class high society girls. In reality many of these are married into the Hiso life and were probably in the game at some point and landed themselves a white knight.

Of course there are many Thai girls that will be against the profession but no more than in any other country and I would guess it to be far less.

Many of the cleaners and food vendors would jump at the chance to make more money and perhaps meet their Knight but without being cruel they just don’t have the looks to be able to do it and have to make do with the lower paid work to get by. Obviously I am not suggesting that all cleaners etc want to be prostitutes but ask yourself this, when was the last time you saw a beautiful Thai girl cleaning a toilet or selling street food? Yes there are a few but not many.

For the lucky ones born into money they will go to college or get a job with an airline etc. but even still some of them will resort to prostitution to supplement their money or simply because they like the excitement and the fun of being wined and dined and bought gold etc.

I know a very well educated girl that has been in and out of the game all her life and could have a regular decent paying job but chooses to live the Gogo girl lifestyle.

So to sum up, yes Thai girls do have comparatively more relaxed views on prostitution. It’s a necessary evil that has given many a life they would never have had without it.

The best way to meet and date Thai girls

Thai girls are very very friendly, approachable and so easy to get along with – provided to cross the first and only barrier – don’t come off as an obnoxious sex tourist. If you’re nice to them and respect them and their culture, they’ll return it in kind. Once you’ve crossed the “sex-tourist” barrier, you’ll have absolutely no problem in making friends.

Given how Thai guys mistreat their women, you can have a huge leg up by just being nice. Be polite. Make a joke. You’d be surprised how receptive Thai girls can be by just being nice to them!

And once they accept you as their partner, Thai girls will happily open the floodgates to your deepest, wildest fantasies. Trust me, they know how to treat their men right! And you’ll have a far far better time having a real girlfriend than visiting the seedier areas of Thailand. If you’re one who is only looking for some short time fun, that fine – we won’t judge you. I personally know plenty of people started of that way, but ended up in a committed relationship soon enough.

Best Thai dating apps

With the explosion of internet and Thai singles apps, it has now become easier than ever to find a woman via online dating in Thailand. It’s really easy to find thousands of beautiful women on Thai dating apps. ThaiCupid is the grand-daddy of all Thai dating apps and you’ll find atleast a thousand women online at any time. Another alternative is Tinder. While Tinder does not have as many users online, the crowd there is younger of the two.

But finding one and finding the right one are two very different things. You can easily find a date but after the first meeting will she be the one that you stay with or will she be like one of those Bar Girls you have heard about in Thailand that only wants you for your money? There is no doubt that these GoGo girls exist but are all Thai girls the same? Is the Thai girl you meet going to be a real girlfriend or is she going to be a Walking Street professional and take you for everything she can get from you?

A lot of these girls come from very poor areas like Issan and move to Phuket or Pattaya to make a living in the bar industry. They usually find jobs working as a bar girl in what a called as Gogo bars. They do it in the hope that one day they will meet their White Knight and break free from the game to go on to live a happy life.

So how do you meet a good girl and find a Thai girlfriend that’s different from the ones you have heard stories about? It’s all great fun to partake in the Pattaya nightlife when it’s for a week or two but when you want a permanent girlfriend well that’s a whole other story. What we are about to show you is everything you will need to spot the gold diggers and opportunists. We will show you how to not only find a Thai girl but how to find a decent Thai girl and hopefully make her your girlfriend and possibly Thai wife all going well.

When dating Thai girls…

Dating Thai girls is really easy. If you’re not already in Thailand, your best bet is via a Thai dating app. Just install on your phone and you’re all set to meet and chat with thousands of pretty, single Thai girls (and other Asian girls from South East Asia). If you’re already in Thailand, you should still consider online dating as it gives you an opportunity to chat with thousands of potential partners and get to know them before you decide to meet in person. Moreover, if you’re planning to visit Thailand soon, it’s a great way to get to know someone online first and make a plan to meet them in person when you arrive.

Once you’ve met someone you like and are planning to meet in person, you need to make yourself aware of Thai dating culture. We have an entire post dedicated for you so you can knock her socks off in your very first encounter. It’s important to make yourself familiar with Thai dating culture and take advantage of the dating tips to impress your potential girlfriend. It’s important because you’d want to come off as a nice guy and not yet another sex tourist. You’re surely not the first person to have asked her out, and there is a good chance she is going to be judging if you’re boyfriend material. So I strongly recommend you read through the linked article because the rules of engagement when dating a good girl in Thailand are vastly different from what you might be used to back home or even what you might have read elsewhere.

Don’t be… too shy!

If you’ve ever dated a Thai girl before, you’ll probably know that a lot of them are incredibly shy! You’re most likely going to make the first move when it comes to these girls so make sure to practice those pickup lines! They being shy is also a good thing as it’s not fun to hang around with a woman that’s loud and noisy, for me anyway. I’m more into girls who are a little quiet yet are fun, gentle and kind.

I’d actually prefer being with a girl who’s shy than being in a relationship with a woman who talks a big game but doesn’t have anything to show for it. Shy girls tend to hide their talents so you’re in for a lot of surprises the more you get to know them, which is really fun in my opinion!

Dating a shy girl is like slowly opening your Christmas present. The more you peel from the gift wrapper, the more of the gift you see you’re probably thinking right now “Okay, I’m game with dating a shy girl. But what if they’re so shy that they end up being a killjoy?”

Don’t worry; I was worried about that too at one point!

How to spot ladyboys?

Thailand is home to one of the biggest Transvestite population in the world. So much so, you’d be hard pressed not to come across some Ladyboys or Kathoey as they are called locally. Now a word of warning. Never call a ladyboy a Kathoey to her face. They hate that word and regard it as an insult so if you don’t want to feel a size 9 stiletto up your rear end its good to keep that in mind

Here’s a pop quiz for you. Which among these is a ladyboy?

Participants at an exclusive ladyboys beauty pageant
Click on the image to find out how many you got right!

The lines between a regular woman and a ladyboy are often blurred here in Thailand. And it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves in a situation where they make a move on a woman only to realize she isn’t. On the other hand, some people actively seek out ladyboys for company. We got so many requests from readers asking us how they can tell if someone is a ladyboy or not we wrote an entire article on their life and lifestyle including a detailed section on how to spot ladyboys because it can get darn difficult to tell and lady and a beautiful ladyboy apart.

How to spot the crazy ones?

As you may already know, Thailand is naturally a beautiful country with a lot of naturally beautiful women in it. But it’s also a country with a dark side – you only need to take a trip to places like Phuket or Pattaya to experience the seedier side of things. The Pattaya nightlife is definitely not for the weak or the faint hearted and can ruin a man very quickly if he is not careful. You only need to Google “Walking Street Pattaya nightlife” to see exactly what I mean. If you don’t know how to handle yourself in Thailand, I assure you; you’re definitely gonna get burned. Don’t worry though, because with a little bit of help from this article and some common sense you will be on your way to a happy future with the girl of your dreams. Beyond all the glitz and the glamour of Thai nightclubs and bars lies a very deep social circle that can only be penetrated by the elite few. The ones that know how to avoid the tourist traps and undesirable elements that the “newbies” fall into.

How to spot gold diggers?

If you don’t pay heed to my advice here, you can be sure you’ll end up with a broken heart and an empty wallet. Ignore at your own peril. I strongly recommend you make yourself familiar with all the dating scams that are out there so you don’t find yourself in a situation you’d regret later. Any Thai girl that is currently in Pattaya or Phuket please avoid unless you want your new girlfriend to be like a GoGo dancer and “GoGo” away with all your money or at least double (even triple) ensure she has a darn good reason to be in these places.

Do not send money to anyone you meet online

I can tell you from experience that Thai girls can have a bad side too! Despite the beauty that Thailand offers the many people that live there, there’s no doubt that it still suffers from a lot of economic issues and these issues often spawn people who want nothing but your cold, hard cash.

Some women have found out that the best way to make a lot of money is by dating foreigners on online dating sites and by fooling them into a relationship where the guy gives them money all the time to make them happy. You should realize that your girlfriend shouldn’t need your money in order for her to be happy in your arms. Such women are very prominent in Thailand’s red light districts (Pattaya or Phuket in particular) and if you don’t know how to spot one, you’ll probably end up getting victimized by their endless games. Here are a few excellent ways on spotting scammers and gold diggers whose only intention is to part you with your money.

But before you paint everyone with the same brush, or misjudge someone, let’s first understand what a gold digger is and is not.

A person’s financial stability is a key factor that plays an important role in any woman’s decision in choosing a potential mate. Which is a logical and realistic trait. After all, in a long term relationship, there are bound to be ups and downs, and money can be a cushion to some degree. It’s also natural for a woman to be concerned about herself and her children’s future when getting into a relationship with someone.

So while someone who genuinely loves you will value you more than anything else, a gold digger will value your ability to provide for her more than anything else. And a good person will appreciate your financial resources as well as your relationship. However, a gold digger will appreciate only your financial resources. Such a person will likely leave you for greener pastures as soon as your ability to provide for them with a lavish lifestyle stops.

Money is usually the subject at hand when it comes to gold diggers. They usually demand and command you to buy high priced bags, gadgets and other glamorous items for them. While we’ve met a lot of girls who want presents from their boyfriends to make them feel special, there’s a difference between a girl who wants a loving present versus someone who wants nothing from you but your money. If you start to notice that your girl is always demanding something expensive from you then that’s probably a good sign to leave because chances are, she appreciates your wallet more than yourself! And believe me; I’ve dated such people before. They’ll suck you dry then leave you as soon as the money stops flowing.

All about the money.

There are different types of scam artists working the naïve foreigners on holiday in Thailand. The experienced scammer might fool you by talking about your hobbies and the things that interest you. She will bide her time and work the long con. Eventually, though the conversation will lead to them asking you for money. It will happen subtly and usually target your heart strings before it targets your wallet. It will feel like its random and unplanned but these conversations are far from unplanned. These girls have the patience of a surgeon and the skills to cut deep into your heart.

A vast majority of them are just there for the free ride and make no mistake they have no intention of being your loving girlfriend. The chances are they have 10 more guys just like you on speed dial and when the free ride is over you get deleted and they move on to be another victims problem. These girls never have a problem finding a date and can transform from Bar girl to GoGo dancer to goody goody Thai girlfriend in the blink of an eye. Next thing you know you’re walking the Khaosan Road with a pocketful of small change and a broken heart wondering where it all went wrong.

If she always talks about money and about how poor her family is and about how much you’d be able to help her if you’d give her some money then you’ve most likely got yourself a scammer. This is not to say that you should never date a girl from a poor family, but you should definitely be careful when doing so because there is a definite difference between a girl who looks toward the future by dating a man who can support himself and a family if need be and a girl who just wants some cash right up front.

If you start to notice that your girlfriend wants you to take her on nightclubs and hot spots most of the time whenever you’re together then there’s definitely a high chance that the girl you’re dating is going to be a high maintenance high-cost problem. The girl you’re dating should be content wherever you guys go.

Sick buffalo syndrome

This particular type of gold digger can be hard to spot because some sincere girls really do have family problems and some of them might come to you for some financial assistance. Gold diggers usually create sob stories that often trick foreigners into giving them their money because someone in their family is sick or dying or their cousin needs some money to go to school. While it’s okay for your partner to ask some financial assistance from you sometimes, it’s another story if she wants you to pay for everything that her family “needs”.

Another set of girls you want to avoid are those who are extremely eager to marry you for the sole purpose of settling in a foreign country and getting a foreign visa. There girls will leave for another guy as soon as they’ve landed a visa.

This type of sob story scamming we commonly refer to as Sick Buffalo Syndrome.

If you read stories of Thai girls and the games they play you will invariably see a reference to a sick buffalo.

The following is taken from a mixture of many stories over the years. It’s a fictitious email from a Thai girl to her White Knight (nickname for a guy that takes care of the girl)

The spelling mistakes are intentional as they are in typical “bar girl speak”. This email is a combination of many stories handed down by Falangs as a warning put in a humorous way.

My Daling

I love you and I miss you too much. My friend in bar say you old man look same same monkey but I know you very hansum man. I have many problem I write you before that buffalo me sick. Now it die Fall down and dead in middle rice field. Bad fortune when it fall it fall on papa and break he leg in many place. Now he not work. Brother me make stretcher bamboo he take from roof house. Roof come down and rain in house. He take papa to hospital motorcycle. Have big accident when he come home hit police car. Police say brother me blame. Police say he mudt pay big money. not worry darling motorcycle you buy OK but Police car bad broken. Bad luck make Mama heart problem. Doctor say she must triple by-pass. I no understand but brother say you understand.

You know darling I only work in bar as cashier and not go with man I wait for you come back Bangkok but if you no help me I think I hab to go with man for pay bills.

Old people my village say you responsible. if you send money me before buy medicine sick buffalo then it no die, papa no break leg, house have roof, brother no ride into police car, Mama no have heart problem.

Please send me 200,000 baht for my bank. Papa fix 10,000 new roof 30,000, new police car 100,000, mama fix 50,000. I take off 2,000 baht for sell buffalo meat but me have to pay more hospital bill for 24 people have problem eat contaminated meat 12,000 baht. I not know money England but brother me say me it 71.2424 mid-market rate close of trading yesterday. This means you send me 10,000 your pound.

I love you darling.

We don’t know who the original author of this absolutely hilarious masterpiece is, but if you do happen to know, please let us know in the comments below!

When in doubt, consider asking yourself these questions:

  1. When you go on a date or shopping how often does your date share the expenses?
  2. Is her affection directly correlated to how much money you’ve spent on her?
  3. Are you being emotionally blackmailed into buying stuff, even though she knows very well its well beyond your means?
  4. Does she make snide remarks if you don’t buy the most expensive things for her or treat her to expensive dinner dates?
  5. How do they react if you suggest they sell some of their non-essential items (such as jewellery or other luxury items they own) that would help them tide over their “troubles?”
  6. How do they react if you suggest you want to quit your current high paying to job to pursue a career you’ve always dreamed of as a child, even though you know it does not pay well financially?
  7. Have they shown any signs of generosity or compassion towards others?

I hope that by asking these questions you’ll be able to tell for yourself whether the person you’re dating is a gold digger or pure girlfriend material you’d like to spend the rest of your life with. If you do find yourself in a situation where you realize you’re just a walking, talking ATM to her, cut the ties, and move on, no matter how much you love her yourself. Such a relationship is unlikely to work out in the long run.

Relationships with bar girls.

For the uninitiated, the term Bar girls refer to women who work in GoGo bars and girly bars all over Thailand. These girls sell themselves for money. Their main goal in the bar is to make you spend as much money as possible on drinks for them called (lady drinks) and drinks for anyone else they can get you to pay for. After that, the next goal is to get even more cash from you by bringing you up to the short time room which is a small usually dimly lit basic room with a bed and a shower. The reason it’s called a short time or S.T. room is that they want you to be in and out in as short a time as possible so they can move on to the next customer and yes by customer I mean client.

Now believe it or not the art of Prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand but in all the years that the business has been operating I have never heard of a single non-Thai (Falang or Farang) as they like to call them ever being arrested or even bothered by the Thai Police. I guess the most logical or cynical reason for this is it just makes the country far too much money.

Back handers and bribes are very prominent around “Disneyland for men” and it never takes more than a few hundred Baht in the right hands to get out of a trip to a police station or even an on the spot parking offence. So it’s not only the bars and the girls that can make money it’s also the police.

So back to the girls. If you walk down any Soi (street) in Thailand’s seedier areas you will often hear the mating call of the native bird that frequents these streets.

Helloooooo sexeeeee mannnnnn…….

You want good time?

I do everything.

I love you long time.

You want to have drink with me and my friends?

Once you hear that mating call it’s very hard to resist and it’s at this point that you either say thank you and keep walking or hold onto your wallet because things are possibly about to get very expensive. A friend of mine once told me “How do you make a small fortune in Thailand? Start with a big one!”

A common nick name for a (Falang, Farang) is A.T.M. As the girls in the bars know that they can push the right buttons and get all the cash they need. You want one girl, two girls or a whole harem as long as you can pay you can have it all.

These girls will love and treat you great but beware…….. Once the money runs out usually so do the girls.

Sometimes it can leave a guy feeling angry or perplexed. I mean they just had sex with this girl so there is a special bond now. Maybe he feels the little butterflies in his stomach and hears wedding bells because he has never been treated so well by a woman before. This girl will even cut his toe nails if he asked so it definitely had to be true love. NO NO NO.

This is a business and like any business, you get what you pay for and if you can’t pay you don’t get.

To coin a popular Thai bar girl phrase “No money, no honey”

So remember these important rules. I have kept them simple to avoid any confusion.

  • Don’t fall in love
  • Don’t bring more money than sense.

These are the only two rules of engagement if you decide to go down the Bargirl route.

So, are bar girl’s bad people?

Of course not. They are for the most part very loveable, funny and misunderstood women. Most are just poor girls (usually from Issan or Udon Thani) with no prospects for a better life. For most of them, they don’t choose to stay in the game. The game chooses them. The sad facts where uneducated girls are concerned are that if they are lucky enough to be pretty then they can either work on the farm or work as a prostitute.

If they are unlucky and got hit with the ugly stick then the only real choice for them is to work on the farm and maybe marry a Thai man who will most likely treat them like garbage and cheat on them with a Gik (The Thai slang name for what they call a small wife which is basically a lover) It’s such a common thing with Thai men that yes they gave it a name all to itself. So faced with those choices wouldn’t you take your chances and head to glitz of the Pattaya nightlife or Khaosan Road in search of the cash cow.

Given the option of getting filthy dirty, being hot and poor with no prospects of ever finding a good man can you blame these girls for playing the game?

Why do Thai girls end up working at the bar?

The long-term goal for these girls is to meet that white knight, the man that will take them away from all this and provide them with a comfortable life away from it all. That can’t be achieved picking rice in 40-degree heat up to your knees in mud.

Now, remember when I said “uneducated” well do not mistake this for stupidity because one thing a Thai girl does not suffer from is stupidity. They are cunning, they are smart and most of all they are survivors. They will do what it takes to get what they want and sometimes like the long con in your favourite heist movie this can be played out for months or even years. They have all day every day to plan the next move and more often than not have more than one prospect on the line.

These girls only need to be your girl for an hour a day for maybe 2 weeks in the year and for the other 50 weeks, they work their magic on numerous guys in exactly the same situation as you. They employ every trick in the book to make you feel like you are the “one”

In some scenarios, you can be lucky enough to actually become the one and contrary to public opinion there are many happily married women that have worked as bar girls and even more from bars that are in solid stable relationships with men that they have met on the job. Don’t forget though that it’s not just the girl that needs to be able to adjust and cope with the guy but also the guy has to be able to accept what the girl used to do and be able to deal with the jealousy and doubt that it brings to the relationship.

Also, keep in mind that the crazy fun loving bar girl you partied the night away with was really in most cases only drinking as it made her money and once she leaves the bar will actually in many cases not drink again – you’ll be surprised how often these former bar girls turn out to be the “nice girl next-door” types once she’s out of the bar. Finally, bear in mind that everything you do with her she has done to a thousand men before you and that’s not an easy thing to deal with. Jealousy is one of the main problems that face a couple that try to make a go of things under these circumstances.

You will always read about the terrible girls from the bars and how they treated the poor Falang but the truth is that in many relationships it’s the guy that can’t cope and in the end pushes the girl away. These are the stories you hear about because some men would rather look like another victim to the terrible Thai girls than having to admit to himself that he is not the understanding and rational guy he thought he was. This often translates into a common advice you’ll find on many websites stating “you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can never take the bar out of the girl”

The two week millionaire

The girl is not always to blame for her extravagant actions. There is a man called a two-week millionaire and on many occasions that man is you. You go on holiday to Thailand with money you have saved up all year and then proceed to flash it around and spend like it means nothing to you. Now put yourself in the shoes of a not so well off girl. Seeing how you have a blatant lack of concern for cash she then thinks ok if you’re going to spend it then you may as well spend it on her. So my advice, don’t act like you’re a millionaire unless you have the funds to back it up and don’t get upset if a girl tries to get some of that cash when you make it so appealing and easy for her in the first place.

Do Thai girls care about your age or looks?

Google any search term relating to Thailand women and you can be sure you will get a hundred sites leading you to online dating sites, lad’s holiday websites or sex worker websites. Complete with scantily clad and sexy Thai girls, you’ll be promised you can you can have sex with Thai girls by simply paying a bar fine and then some. And to be fair, they wouldn’t be wrong in saying so.

After all Thailand is the place synonymous with seedy underground massage parlours and girly bars full of sexy Thai girls who are more than eager to please you. A place where anyone can buy anything as long as they have a full wallet and an empty heart. The women are easy and any guy with the budget of a two-week millionaire can pull any woman they want regardless of what he looks like. That’s a fact right?

Well yes and no. Thailand does have that side to it but then again so does Amsterdam or Las Vegas. In fact when you look deeply enough most countries in the world have their own little red light district. It’s human nature after all for men (and more so these day’s women) to want a little adult entertainment when on vacation. Pattaya and Phuket being prime areas for this along with Khaosan and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. The Romans were known for their orgies and raucous parties and who could forget Vietnam during the 70’s when the only jobs where women could make a living were in the brothels servicing the American soldiers.

Thailand used to be different, it had its own areas where a guy could go for some adult recreation and to answer the above question I guess it didn’t really matter what he looked like or how old he was. The Dollar was King and you could live like Julius Caesar for a few weeks on a relatively small budget.

I say “could” because over the past few years I have noticed an extreme change in all that. I don’t know whether it’s the influx of mobile phones and social media or if it’s down to the fact that more and more young men are flooding into The Kingdom of Thailand. Gone are the days where lads hopped the plane for a 3-hour flight to Ibiza or Tenerife. Gone are the weekend trips to Amsterdam for a stag night.

A few years ago as you stepped off your flight at Bangkok Airport hoping to meet beautiful Thai girls all you would see would be an ocean of balding middle aged pot-bellied men wearing socks and sandals and sporting the latest designs in sleeveless vests. These were the men that had saved for a year to be that King, to be worshipped by the hordes of beautiful women that worked the bars and clubs of Walking Street or Patpong but that has all changed now. These young Thai girls have more choice now – someone their own age. The young have invaded the once wrinkled streets of Thailand seeking their soulmate with a good family and the myth that they don’t care about how you look or how old you are has become just that, a myth. The sight of a single Thai girl dating young a western guy is pretty commonplace these days. Even more so now because things like online dating in Thailand has opened up the pool of “available” men significantly.

To be honest if you came to Thailand thinking that all women were like the bar girls you would be in for a shock. They (that is to say non bar girls) are very very different to the type portrayed in the movies or sleazy tabloids. They are sophisticated and driven. They know what they want and given the right circumstances they go out and get it. They will not settle for second best and god help you if you try to treat them like anything other than a respectable lady.

They have hearts and feelings and although many will never show their feelings in public you better believe that they love and feel just like you or me. In that respect, they are like any other race. They fall in love with all sorts. I mean you can’t help who you fall for and being handsome is no guarantee that you will land that seductive Thai woman. Yes looks are obviously important because in any culture it’s what you first see that attracts people to each other but once that infatuation and excitement dissipates then just like anyone else the true feelings come up and how you behave or how you treat them becomes the big factor in how a relationship proceeds and succeeds but do Thai ladies care about looks and age? Of course, they do just like any other culture. This by no means is to say they are not willing to look past your age or looks if they find someone they believe is right for them!

The innocent Thai girl who married a monster

In their own words, check out the story of this cute couple who are now happily married. Of course, it wasn’t easy, but they were willing to go the extra mile to make their relationship work. If you’d like to know more about their journey, you can check out their blog post.

Are Thai girls easy to bed?

In the Internet world we have so many choices. It’s hard to believe that full public use of the Internet really only happened around 20 years ago. The Internet itself has been around for over 30 years but unless you were rich you couldn’t really access it. Did you know that Facebook was only launched in 2004? That’s only 13 years ago. Can you remember what you did for entertainment 14 years ago? Can you remember how you found a date 15 years ago?

I can… It sure wasn’t from an online dating site. Very few people were aware of online dating in Thailand and there weren’t any Thai dating sites back then, to begin with (or for that matter other Asian dating sites).

I went out with friends, I talked with people in person and I got rejected many times. That was the procedure. It was painful, it was annoying and it was time-consuming. Most of all it was bloody expensive. All the drinks I bought for girls not to mention the friends they had with them but it was all worth it because you were always guaranteed a good night once the pub closed.

Oh wait! That rarely if ever happened. No, what really happened was you bought them all drinks; you talked and had a laugh then just as you thought things were progressing another guy asked her to dance and that was that.

So what kind of a girl is right for me?

It’s really all about knowing what you want. No one can answer that but you. I can share my experience with you, but you need to evaluate your relationship and the decision by yourself.

You’ve seen a brief overview on the psyche of Thai girls and some of the classes that they come from.

You’ll need to ask yourself “Who will I be happy with the most?”

Do you want the girl who comes from the poorer families but is much simpler and more realistic in the way that they live their lives? Or maybe you want a girl from the middle-class group of Thailand who has a fairly good education and works hard all the time? Perhaps you’d want a girl from the elite groups in Thailand who lives the high life but also demands the same from their man?

It’s all about perspective and knowing what you want in your girl and what makes the two of you happy.

The moment you’ve decided on what you want in your girl, you’ll be able to identify them a lot easier with all of the tips I’ve given you thus far. It’ll be much easier to communicate and understand them now that you have a much broader perspective when it comes to Thai girls and Thai culture.

But know this: always expect that whatever type girl you might pick to be your next girlfriend is not going to be perfect. She might fit the bill and all and might even be your dream girl…

Just remember though, no one is perfect and you’ll have problems in the future, believe me. Everyone does!

It’s all about how you handle those challenges. If you work together as a team with one harmonious mind, you’ll be able to overcome obstacles more easily. That’s why it’s really important to know what type of girl you want!

Nevertheless, these girls will not disappoint you if you’re looking for a girl who can please you and have fun.

Like I mentioned earlier, learn to have an open mind! Find a nice Thai girl and she will show you that no matter how different you may be from another person, you can always have a great relationship with that person even if you happen to come from two different worlds.

I will leave you with these final words of advice.

Don’t mistake a regular girl with a Thai bar girl.

They love romantic drama as I mentioned already with the cheesy TV shows. So let them feel like they are part of the show. Be romantic but don’t overdo it. (Remember. No flowers.)

They love the simple things in life – nice food, a comfortable home and a nice guy that treats them well.

They love their family but you can become part of that family and she will love you forever.

And finally

Always pack your sun cream, your heartburn tablets, your stomach tablets (for what’s going in and more so what may come out.) and never ever feed  Thai girls after midnight…

81 thoughts on “Thai girls – how to meet and date Thailand girls in 2020”

  1. The first time I was in Thailand, I fell in love with a girl from North of Thailand. She was beautiful and her eyes looks so much like that of my Chinese people..
    They are just beautiful in the North.

  2. Whew, that’s quite a long read! But it’s just what I needed – I’m planning to meet a Thai girl in person that I met in a dating app, so I’m a bit nervous as to how I’m supposed to approach here and this is just so exhaustive I feel like an expert already! 🙂

    1. THAILAND IS THE BEST PLACE  for the  the  farang man with emotional needs, unfulfilled desires , unrealistic  dreams and sexual  fantasies

  3. While the article is well researched, I feel there are too many blatant generalizations. The worst of all is of course that all Thai women prefer white men over any race. While this could be true on the bar scene, its not true in general. There are some things you are spot on especially regarding Thai women from the North and North East. I do however think you do the women from the South injustice because they are very different from the Northern women in both skin tone and temperament.

    1. Hello Pete
      Are you from Thailand? Are you a Thai woman?
      If not then I feel you may know a lot less than you think. I was born and raised in Thailand and have traveled all over the world. I speak fluent English and Thai and have friends and acquaintances from every corner of Thailand and I can tell you without doubt that it is far from a generalization to say that Thai women prefer white males. Its a fact. I have done research on this and many other things over the years and I can assure you that this is the case.
      Obviously not all Thai women go for white men but a huge majority of them do and the reasons given in the article are quite accurate. I was actually surprised to see an article that wasn’t afraid to be honest and was far better researched than most I read.
      I am not even talking about the bar scene you mention as its obvious why many of the bar girls go for the white male but in villages and towns around Thailand most woman will go for a white man before they will take a Thai man.
      Its just a shame that most will never get the opportunity.

    2. I think he is wright i live in Surin City with my Thai wife, and i find the Thais quite racist towards African men, they do not like Arabs and find Indian men creepy and sleazy.

  4. This is only true answer:THEY ALL (ALL) WANT MONEY .if they have chance to find richer white man they will forget you in second… Don’t be stupid fall in love and make mistakes like many people do.If you wanna fun ok.But serious relationship and marriage no f…. way.Remember Thai girls NEVER had only you and you must be stupid to believe what they said lol…btw..nice post bro,but we will not hide and lie… everyone knows how is work

  5. I was in Phuket and Ko Samui Thailand recently for 2 weeks and I didn’t get laid once. I refuse to pay for it, so I opted for the cold approaches and Tinder. Didn’t get anywhere. Direct cold approaches do not get a warm reception there it seems. Btw I am 40, Caucasian, been told I’m very good looking and have an athletic body. Still got snuffed at by Thai girls.

    1. Extremely rare for Thai girls who have nothing to do with the bar scene to get on board with one night stands. You’ll have to build a relationship like anywhere else in the world with proper Thai girls.

  6. Amazing article. I’ve been in Thailand almost 3 years and everything you say is spot on.
    I’m a little confused with my current girlfriend of 10 months though.
    She is super sweet, cleans the house, washes my clothes, and does her job in bed. However she seems to be on the high end with material requests. Recently I was forced to buy her the new iPhone –basically under the threat of her leaving–, and she has hinted about the need to change it every couple of years. She also organized a trip with her family and a couple of her friends, and I’m expected to pay for the hotel. We are 8 in total and I’ll have to pay for a bunch of rooms. I don’t even know some of these people.
    We’ve also talked about marriage, and she expects a sinsod of 2,000,000 baht, even though she never went to university (actually she didn’t finish high school) and basically has no parents. Her mother passed away 15 years ago, and her father married another woman around 25 years ago, forming another family in the process.
    I’m a bit confused because she is super nice, and seems to really love me and look after me. She’s always available, but she believes it’s my responsibility to be the financial provider. Her ex boyfriend was also a farang and she has lots of items (phones, ipads, expensive sunglasses, bags, etc) that were purchased by him.
    On one hand she seems a gold digger, but there is also overwhelming evidence of her devotion to me. She spends basically all her free time with me, provides sex and blowjobs on a daily basis, loves doing housework, etc. She is also a hottie, loves to work out, white and soft skin.
    Thoughts? Is she just super traditional, or am I at the verge of long term financial losses?
    Any input appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

    1. The problem isn’t her, it’s you! You need to say no and that’s it. If she wants to leave, let her. She will always come running back. What she is doing is called “shit tests” where you are failing them when you give in. Each time you let her walk over you, the more she loses respect in you. Only reward good behaviour. Don’t ever put her on a pedestal. It’s the same as with children, if they are good, you reward them but don’t break your bank account by doing so bro!

      My girl thought she could take my wallet one day without asking me and buy whatever she wants. I sent her back to her village for a 2-3 weeks and avoided her 10000 calls and messages. This was 2 years ago where she has never tried to cross that line with me since!

      It’s actually human nature to see how far someone can get away with murder, always be a man and stand your ground. My girl wanted sinsod where I told her I’m not Thai and I only support you, the rest of your family money problems are their problem. She cracked it big time but has learnt to live with it! If she is good, I do give her some money for her family tho but not much.

      I’ve dated many Thai girls over the years where I don’t find them as money hungry compare to Western women that expect to be treated like a princess and treat you like shit. I tell my exs to support themselves but when you are with me, I’m happy to pay. If they ask for more money, I just ignore them. If they push the topic, I will ignore their calls and messages.

    2. It seems to me that in your present situation that it’s all about the money.
      I showed 1million baht on the wedding day and after that, my Thai wife took back the money after the show and put it back into my bank account ok. I bought some gold for her mother and paid for the wedding 200,000 baht and that was it. I am almost certain that your lady is a sorry to say, a gold digger. Why did she leave the other farang? Is it that he decided to close his wallet and see what would really happen? By the way does she have permanent employment?
      If things do progress further, then I wish you all the best of good luck.

  7. This is another article just like so many I have read from European or people of European decent. I’m sorry to inform you that Thai females love us African Americans. I am a frequent visitor and never have I had a problem nesting nice ladies from any part of the country. I can’t remember one that didn’t speak badly about the white guys. The word most often used was, rude. Everyone has their own opinion but I am one of those dark skinned guys that they don’t like, they love us.

  8. Very good read , agreed with most of them , been in Thailand for long holidays for last 14 years . Course I made few mistakes along the way , lesson learned , you gotta be three steps ahead of them . I owned two condo in Thailand , I had two serious girlfriend that lasted only a year or so , I never told them that I owned two condo . If I did , I guess one of them would be still with me now . Never let them know , you are better off die rich than alive poor .

  9. When I first went to Thailand in 2006, I was newly divorced, and just traveling the world. I was 53, in good shape, and retired because I had spent a career in U.S. Federal law enforcement. Not a lot of money, but in third world countries I was fine. The first day there I walked through a beer fest in Bangkok, and said hi to a Thai woman there. She was with her girlfriend, and I was invited to sit with them. She was 25 years younger than I, but that didn’t seem to matter, and we began dating the next day. In case you are wondering, she has a BS degree in computer engineering and a masters in IT.
    After about a month of dating in Bangkok, I invited her to travel with me, and we literally spent several years all over Asia, from backpacking in Nepal and India to Vietnam and Indonesia. I arranged to marry her in the U.S., and waited 51 weeks for permission to do this. We have been together most of the time since 2006. My wife is 5’6” and 115 pounds, and she at 40 now is still stunning. Some folks I meet in the U.S. think she is 24.
    One suggestion for guys seeking to meet a Thai woman is to take some vacation time and actually GO THERE. I had tried dating sites, but these didn’t work well at all for me. When you see a Thai woman, go up to her and make small talk, and I can say that you have over a 70% chance of her going out with you later. Also, as most are reserved, don’t take her slight indifference to be non interest unless she declines a date with you. Please do NOT take advantage of these folks, as while you probably can, they do not deserve this. Also, don’t lie to them, as you will regret this later.
    Although not for everyone, Thai women are generally good people who would love to meet a westerner. If you want to see how they are, read web sites, and if they seem like what you seek, GO THERE. Also, it is true that many would put family before you, so try to ask about what you want, such as her moving to your country if that is what you seek. You might as well find out early if she would only live in her home town.

  10. Let’s cut the western man bs and call it what it is, white men. With that said, my recent visit to Thailand, things have changed on the white men are prizes thing.
    I noticed black men were in high demand! Why you ask? Hip Hop culture. Go to any bar, club, karaoke joint and you hear black music been belted out the speakers and Thai people moving and acting in a rather black fashion.
    I had one girl grab my junk and said uhh you need two women.haha. That stereotype (a good one I might add) came from somewhere. Those same television and movies you mention have been replaced with music videos, and gossip rags of American black culture.

  11. Wow, long read. I personally think this is a bunch of bullocks. I like a woman I can hold and that has ASSets. Yes, Thai women are slim and they do have a beauty about them. But their bodies remind me of boys rather then women. Give me a Sophia Loren over a Thai girl any day. To each its own. I like more meat in the ass and boobs not little boy boobs thank you very much. Woman with curves please.

    1. Some of them probably yes. Know many women who dont want to leave Thailand and instead want their partner to move to Thailand.

  12. Not every Thai women looking for money. Please if you just heard something bad about, make sense and don’t judge, a lot of Thai women broken heart from Thai men so we just looking for good men from other counties because what we heard that Western man is respectful honest love and caring more then in our country. If you just want to come for sex you will get different of experience and not complain if where you go that Bars and lose lot of money for bar girls. Everything have two side of dark and light. Good women will don’t talk about money, it only you if you want to take care of her, they just want to find love and be with a man who will life life together and take care each other.

  13. As Pete said, parts of this are very spot on, yet other parts are horribly wrong and are based on the typical biases of insecure white men seeking to massage their ego.
    First, western does not equal white, as it’s obvious that there are non-western whites (white Africans, East Europeans and Russians) – most of which Thai girls won’t touch due to the fact that they only really like money – and many non-white Westerners come to Thailand and get treated virtually the same as western whites once they are known to be American, Canadian or British and have money and a nice passport.
    Secondly, there are tons upon tons of stories, articles, and links talking about the many Thai gold diggers that are only seeking marriage with a foreigner for a passport or money. In fact, there was a story a few months ago about a western guy who lost all of his money – immediately, his Thai wife divorced him. He panicked and stole a lot of money, and ended up in a Thai jail cell. But it’s not just Thai, it’s many Asian women that aren’t well-off (Hong Kong gals, Chinese, and even Asian-Americans are notorious for practically hunting such white men for a passport or for money since 40% are living in poverty, or they simply want more money), who are interested in Western guys mainly for money and status (money = status/prestige in Asia), and nothing else, which is why they seek such men (or for a passport). Again, this is well-known, which makes it horrible for white men and non-white Western men to not realize that, 80-90% of the time, we are being used and aren’t actually loved at all except for what we can provide (money/passport).
    Warren Olson, a private investigator researching love scams in Thailand, even admitted that Thai women date white westerners to make money for their families, and often seek Western men (of any race) to get money and/or a passport:
    Would such Thai women date a poor white South African or poor East European? Generally no. Why? I think the answer is obvious. They are lumped together with their stereotyped view of non-Westerners, including their thoughts about Africans, Indians, Middle Easterners, etc. In other words, they are regarded as not financially wealthy. While any Westerner of any race is VIP in Asia, including Thailand, *not* just whites. And they are VIP mainly because of money, status, and the “green card” phenomenon. Which is why, in my experience, it’s so easy to get a girl in Asia if you’e American. The thing is, most whites writing articles like this never get the perspective of non-white Westerners like myself, who have lived in Asia and done the dating game as well – and gotten a large amount of interest from the local girls.
    Once again, simply Google “Thai gold digger” or “Hong Kong/Asian gold digger” and you’ll come up with dozens of stories and failed marriages (and duped expats) who reveal the true nature of such gold diggers, but a few for now:
    As has been noted on forums above by expats who know better –
    “Try Japan is you’re looking for an Asain that isn’t just interested in your wallet..any 3rd world Asain country and they’re going to be all about your money and what you can buy them.”
    “Dey want duhhh american money and den dey wruv u wrong time. That’s how it works brah, especially in Thailand where it’s relatively poor and the working conditions aren’t particularly pleasing.”
    “this, i see LOADS of old white guys dressed in rags following these fobbed out Asian women dressed in versace/ and Louis Vutton”
    “No, not all Asian women, just Thais. If I learned one thing from living over there is to never date a Thai woman.”
    “Most of the 3rd world asian girls are VERY family orientated, they will do whatever it takes to support their family (parents and brothers and sisters and possibly children). Its not like they want to get the money to buy fancy stuff for themselves or whatever, its family first and youre just a tool to them.”
    “in most Asian countries it’s a cultural standard to teach your daughters to marry money. sentiments of love and romanticism are not as highly valued as money and status in the east. it’s up to the individual to choose which is more important and valued to her though.”
    ^ I can go on and on – *however* I’m in no way indicating that all Thai/Asian women are gold diggers, only a good amount – but a good amount are not either (which is why there are so many Thai-Indians, Blasians, and other non-white Interracial Asian couples) – though it’s silly to ignore the reality of materialism in Asia and indicate that most of the old, fat, balding, clearly unattractive white men with young Thai women are due to actual love or romance. Get real.
    As I noted above, as a non-white Westerner who lived in Thailand (it’s important to note that there are very *few* non-white Westerners in Thailand/Asia, most People Of Color there are from India, Africa, the Middle East, etc. and not from the West), I received the same treatment as what you describe regarding Thai girls seeking a white – excuse me, I mean *Western* – guy. I had zero trouble getting a large number of girls on Thai Cupid in both the North and the South of Thailand – and had even more luck in other parts of Asia – *but* I have the sense to realize that it was mainly due to being an American with money. Many Hong Kong and Chinese – and even Thai – will even admit in their profiles that they want a guy from a particular country (for a passport/citizenship) or making a certain amount of money. As an American, I almost got the princely treatment there. And I never hung out around bars, so I wasn’t seeking gold diggers. And guess what? Almost all of the Asian girls I had, in one way or another, asked for – or *expected* – money from me a few months into the relationship. Western guys are a “chick-magnet” in Asia – regardless of whether they are black, white, green, purple or blue with polka dots – because we are regarded as having money. Again, such women would rarely consider relationships with a poor East European or Russian, or white African (all of whom are discriminated against in Asia, by the way), while Indians, Blacks and others *from America/Britain*, often have a large number of girls interested in them once they are known to be from the West – a case in point that in Asia, especially Thailand, money, status and materialism are all that matter, not race or ethnicity. In fact, a rich Nigerian would score more than a poor East European any day. Just the other day, a Hong Kong gal send almost $200,000 USD to her Nigerian lover from a dating app because she was so in love with his status as a prominent Nigerian businessman (he was actually a scammer):
    And that’s the point – gold diggers aren’t interested in the person – they’re in love with the money/status/citizenship that the person has, and what it can do for them.
    There was a huge outrage over a Hong Kong event to get HK women hooked up with Western, white men called “dinner with a foreigner.” Ultimately, it was a setup to get Mainland Chinese women (gold diggers) a “legal” way to get a Western, foreign passport and thus entry into the West – and for them to get Western money – which is why the women had to pay $600 upfront to enter!
    This doesn’t mean all Asian girls are gold-diggers – I do not know the percentage – but alot will *greatly* consider your nationality – and thus how much money you have – before they consider anything else, including race/skin color or anything else. Which is why the first thing they will ask is “where you come from?” Materialism is rampant in Asia. *However*, Asian women are simply pre-conditioned to think that whites have a lot of money, and only when others are known to be Western, will they believe that they have money as well, which is why they flock to whites first – because of the perception of having money. Western men of all races should be extremely careful and make sure that they aren’t being used by a women who cares nothing for them, and only regards them as a walking ATM machine – a term that a white guy in Asia used to describe how they are often thought of by Asian women, especially in Thailand.

  14. Forgot to add:
    It is titled: “After dating 5,000 guys, Thai woman creates course on catching rich white men”
    It notes: “In one of her live videos, Praiya added that she does not just accept anyone in her course, she only wants to work with women who are really serious about becoming a gold digger.”
    ^ There you go, more evidence – Western money is what they like, not Western men.

    1. Although Thai women have a fetish for Western men, more often than not they are easily willing to look past your skin color if you come off as a nice and responsible individual who respects them.

  15. My first experience with a Thai girl i was a lucky one , she was a nice girl but just the lack of communication was our down fall and I regret not being more patient because since then i have yet to find a nice one , my last girl I met had just come from a pharmacy to start work in massage.

    I had previously dated a girl in massage and she was a full blown working girl averaging 5 men a week I was told, so I didnt want to really go with a massage girl again even though it had only been a month, I know what they do in them places they groom the girls , to go with men to make the shop money, but i was assured by a friend in the shop she was a good girl, I checked her work books no payments out of the shop. I asked my freinds on teh street if they had seen her with other men, no was the answer not like the other girl you had.

    I checked her phone she was clean. I took her for a massage she never tried any thing on me, so i took her on a date she seemed a nice girl so I took her back to the shop and said ill catch you another time that other time was 2 hours later. She spent the night, I didint try for sex but she did and she was shaved. A good girl shaved i thought, but we spent 4 days together in Patong before we both went away to Krabi together, but I noticed changes in her when we were away she was no so connected and affectionate like before. I have since found out apparently one night having sex I put her in a position she didint like.

    Surprising if she did not like it why not say any thing every thing else she was pretty upfront with , but I heard she was told still go with him , probably so I payed the shop and bought her things. I bought her quite a few things. I offered her money she said no she is happy with just the holiday. Any way when I left I thought ok 2 week romance finished, but she kept calling and messaging full on for a week then it started to slowly diminish, then one night she called me said I tired I go to bed but she didnt. She went night clubbing her silly friend tagged her on facebook lol, the next day we talked then she said she is tired again and her phone was off for 4 hours.

    I called her friend and we talked on video from her work for 15 minutes, but I was sure something wasnt right it was like she was rushed back from the shop from some where else to take my call, so i called my friend who works next door and asked him to see if she was at work he said no she isnt there, she not working the girls told him. Of course after all the lies I was exposed to from the last girl in that shop I lost my shit lol, and we didnt talk for 2 weeks , until I messaged her friend as a ploy to see if it was just money she was after.

    I said tell her will pay for her english lessons, bang with in 4 hours she calling me wearing the soccer shirt i bought her and she had both her sons wearing theirs, from her home village she had gone to for a funeral. She didnt talk long to me but sent me a video, it was ok on and off for a week then I called her on the way to work there she was drunk in the middle of a night club her friends giving me the finger telling me she is fine but she didnt hang up.

    She messaged me later said she is so sorry, ultimately what ended it was when I was with her she was the most appreciative girl I have ever met but she changed she dropped her phone smashed the screen I seen it ruined, so I said ok ill send you my old phone which is an apple iPhone 6 in real good condition, but no she didint want that she wanted a Samsung 7 plus a 1300 hundred dollar phone

    I said I’d rather send you 1300 dollars or feed your family than a stupid phone, then the tears started falling crocodile tears like a 12 year old that didint get what she wanted. I was actually not surprised. I knew the girls in the shop would corrupt her. I knew the girl who she was being mentored by would make her change. I knew any girl that has 3 boyfriends and sleeps with countless men would teach her bad ways. I know a girl who worked in their before she told me what they do, if you dont do what the shop asks no one will be your friend, its the reason why she left every day she was being told a man wants to take you but she refused she was a leper in the shop.

    The girl I met said to me you are a good man and I am a bad girl now, dont spend your money spying on me. Dont surprise me when you come next time all sure signs to me she either has other men visiting her or she goes with men from the shop. Since I have dropped her I have had a barrage of abuse from a girl in the shop saying you crazy man she not go with men. She good girl now dont ever come back to our shop. Well guaranteed I wont be, but still cuts me deep I knew I shouldnt have got involved with a massage girl and its cuts deep. The girl I met and my Thai friend that met her even said to me she good good girl we can tell, but either she is a great actress or that shop has done exactly what I thought they would do to corrupt her mind for greed of money.

    I hope if that the case she is smart enough to get out of there like other girls i know have. I am glad in a way I had experienced the girl before it made me move on from the last one easier.

  16. very interesting reading. Thank you for your input. Shame we cannot mind read what the girl wants lol.
    thank you for writing this

  17. The Thai culture was never designed to allow the women marry farangs, they accommodate farangs due to poverty and greed. Most Thai women take their time and when the right moment or circumstances presents itself the farang will be pushed off a balcony or some legal/illegal means used to rid them of their savings.

    1. Find someone who has nothing to do with the bar scene. You’ll see how its nothing like the horror stories you read about on the internet.

  18. So funny that this guy actually believes that Thai girls choose white men because of skin tone or build. That is so ridiculous, everyone knows that foreign woman are into white guys because of the money (especially Thai girls). Quit lying to yourself!

    1. Find someone outside of the bar scene and you’ll see most want to be loved and respected. Not so say there are no gold-diggers, but its no more or no less than any other place in the world.

  19. Wow… just wow. You could put some bookbinding on this and sell it in stores! xD
    I don’t know if everything is right 100% or not but sure it is a great starting point if, like me, you are totally clueless about how to approach one of those angels.
    I’m very grateful that you’ve taken the time to put this together. I can only imagine how much you’ve spent. And so well structured.

  20. “Seeing how you have a blatant lack of concern for cash she then thinks ok if you’re going to spend it then you may as well spend it on her.”
    This logic. You saved your hard earned cash and now you want to spend it. Spend your money however you like. If someone feels entitled to your money because of this, you should part with them immediately. There are plenty of women- if not in Thailand, elsewhere.

    1. There are in fact plenty of women in Thailand itself who aren’t for your money. Just skip the bar scene to avoid the horror stories. I’ve seen people have successful relationships with former bar girls too, but it takes a lot of effort from both the parties to make it work.

  21. Just got back from my first visit to Thailand. I met my new friend online. Had met others online too, but when I traveled, it was to meet just one. This column is outstanding. I found it spot on, based on my limited time in Thailand. I think it really comes down to the best advice which is relevant ANYWHERE in the World…..JUST BE YOURSELF. NO BS…NO FALSE BEHAVIOR.
    As far as determining the truth(s) about your new female Thai friend, you just have to do it the old fashioned way…..hang out…live life daily….TRY to do things that are normal, natural, typical, in order to bring out the “real her.”
    My new friend NEVER asked for money online or in person. I was/am generous. She was/is appreciative and has NEVER asked for money during the trip…or after. I sense that is not what our “relationship” was/is about. BUT… time will tell…as it always does ANYWHERE in the World.
    Thailand is much different from the West. It is CHEAP. And, the women appear to be beautiful and charming. Hope you ALL find those Thai women.
    I’m going back. Just bought my next flight tickets. More time with my new friend. More time in HER country and her culture.

    1. Exactly! The horror stories you hear are almost always from the ones who work in the bar scene. Just find someone with a real job and you’d be amazed at how much joy they can bring to your life!

    1. While most will automatically show preference to White men from western countries, spend a little time with them and they will open up to almost anyone. They do have some strong opinions about men from some specific countries as they are generally known trouble makers, but other than that, feel free to approach anyone in a nice, polite and respectful way and you’ll be all set!

  22. i am average Thai girl ,just working girl not a bar girl.
    these stuffs are awesome i can tell .
    i love the comparison about western girl who want her man to be independence
    but if man who has thai GF show much independence like he can live without her ,she will leave you .
    Yes !! for me it’s really true
    ” They want to know that you still care for them by giving them lots of your time and through the little things like checking up on them often, etc. They won’t mind if you’re always looking out for them because they want to know just how much you really value them in your life”
    and many more informations really true

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jane! We indeed had this article co-authored and reviewed by at-least two Thai women to make sure its as authentic as we can possibly get it. There’s plenty of humbug being peddled on the web on Thai women. We’re so glad you can concur with what we had to say!

  23. I am a westerner and have had a Thai GF in my life for a few years and well…
    I sat here reading this top to bottom (this page) and am absolutely floored by how well you describe, detail and define Thai women.
    Some of the things you pointed out I had been so frustrated by over the years and now realize it was, it is, just who she is.
    You nailed the cheesy TV shows, the devotion to pleasing and her needing to feel loved and appreciated, the commitment to family, to being adventurous even in its simplicity…. and well… no need to re-write all that you said so spot-on perfectly.
    Well done!

    1. Hi Dave, so glad you found the article is in line with your experience with your partner. We did spend a significant amount of time to make sure we get this right by having a Westener and a Thai women share their opinion based on their first hand experience as well. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. Sorry you’ve had a bad experience with Thai girls. I’m sure you have your reasons, but life it too short write off an entire country of opportunities based on the experience with a few rotten apples! Just try finding love outside of the bar scene, and I’m sure you’ll find some amazing women who’ll treat you well. Peace

  24. Within Thailand, there is general knowledge that (most) pure “Tai” live in the north, they have light skin but not because of Chinese blood, few percentage of northerner have Chinese blood comparing to the like of Bangkokian.

    Google “Mitochondrial DNA Variation of Tai Speaking Peoples in Northern Thailand”

  25. Not to misdirect, but how far does the 1500mo USFunds Retirement Check stretch into days (2019) Market. I assume more valuable in the North and inland.

    thank you

    1. If you stay out of the tourist areas and bigger cities and your accommodation has been taken care of, $1500 could get you a fairly comfortable life.

  26. I really love Thai girls. I have been to Bangkok and even found few friends. I can’t wait to go back and might even find a Thai girlfriend.

  27. Good article. I went to Thailand this past January and met a Thai girl in the bar in Patong. I had a totally different experience than what was written here, but I didn’t lead with my wallet and I took her out on a date and not go right to the hotel after our first meeting. We spent time together and I went back to see her this past March for my Birthday like I promised I would. She spent the whole time with me and she didn’t ask me for money, and she even bought me breakfast on my birthday. I did pay the bar fine so she could spend that time with me, but it was my choice and she didn’t make me feel bad if I didn’t do it. We went to many places together and had a great time. She stuck with me until I went to the airport and I didn’t give her any money for the time we spent together, plus we only went out to drink twice and the rest of the time we did fun things with no drinking. I am 43 and she is 35. I am exploring this relationship with her, but I do realize how we met. She doesn’t want to leave Thailand, which I’m fine with that. I’m thinking about moving there and even if it doesn’t work out with her, there are many other Thai girls there. I’m from the US, and I currently live and work in China, so my situation is different than a lot of other guys. I’m going back next week to see her in her home town (Udon Thani) and meet her family. I will see how that goes and take it from there. I’m thinking clearly, and my emotions are level. I like her, but she has to prove to me she’s going to be a good companion, but any guy that is reading this, I would not recommend getting involved with a girl from Phuket, Pattaya or massage girls. You really have to be thinking with the head on your shoulders and not your little head. When I met her, I wasn’t even looking for a long term relationship, especially with a bar girl, but I can see a lot of good qualities about her and the week we spent together, I didn’t see her phone blowing up with guys texting her. She mostly spoke to family. I know this because we spent night and day together. When I send her a message, she messages me back in a timely manner, but it’s still early to tell how well it will work out. It’s a gamble, but I don’t have a lot invested, but in any relationship, you will have to invest not just money to make it work.

    1. First of all, congrats – looks like you’ve got a keeper.

      Second, there are plenty of cases where girls who work in the bar scene genuinely starts to have feelings for someone they met at the bar. I personally know of such relationships where the couple are now happily married for several years and have kids now. Not every one who works at the bar does so with bad intentions. Many are there because they simply do not have any other option and they just want someone who will genuinely love them and respect them.

      My only advice to you would be to give your relationship a bit longer and get to know each other really well before taking any big step. Wish the two of you all the best in life!

  28. I love Thai girls. They are fun to be with. Had my first time experience with Thai girl and it was amazing.

    1. I am missing out Thai girls really love really missed 29 December. Enjoy my holiday in Phuket arrival in 27 December level On today 3 January. I regret should Thailand girls get on with love to meet Thailand girls. Are come back Phuket this year December.

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