Dating a Successful Thai Career Woman

Dating career Thai woman

It’s amusing how a lot of foreigners think that dating Asian women, Thai women in particular, can be very challenging. Many would assume that there are so many steps to take, many conditions to face, and the process is just too much of a struggle to even start trying.

I might be biased here because I’m from Thailand, born and raised; but let me tell you now that dating Thai women is a great experience that you will surely cherish all your life. Truth be told, if you happen to chance upon a successful Thai career woman, all these struggles you thought existed would slowly fade away.

First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kanya. I’m just a couple of years short of 30 years old. I was born in a small fishing village South of Thailand. Being born to a rural family had its perks but it can be very difficult too. My parents were very strict and traditional. For a while, I dreamed nothing but to get away from our small town and live a life of my own. I loved my family but I had bigger dreams —these dreams are just impossible to achieve if I continue being satisfied with what we had at home.

I wanted to help my parents. Both of them were getting old and my father still had to make a living out of fishing. My mother sold his catch in the market. There are days when we had plenty but there are more days when we had to settle for nothing. I studied hard and eventually earned a college scholarship in Bangkok. Moving to the city changed my life. It was the beginning of an endless adventure that I continue to enjoy until today.

I thought that getting a job was going to be easy after college. Back then, I knew little English so I had to settle for a low paying job behind a desk in a small accounting firm. My job was boring and redundant. Doing the same thing every single day and working with papers is not for me. I wanted to be around people and have the chance to explore my country and the world.

I enrolled in an English speaking and writing class. Eventually, I spoke the language like a natural. This helped me become who I am today — a real estate agent selling and leasing condominium units to Thai locals and foreigners. This is how and where I met my boyfriend of two years, Adam. He’s an American expat based in Bangkok.

Pardon me for the long introduction about myself. I am a Thai career woman who is currently dating someone with Western roots. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about when I tell you more about Thai career women who are dating or are willing to date foreigners. Aside from myself, I have a few career women friends who are native Thai as well and are dating foreigners too, or at least willing to try if given the chance.

Traditional but Career Successful Thai Woman

In Thailand, our traditions and culture matter a lot to us. We give value to our family and most of us follow our parents’ rules. However, traditional as we may be, our country continues to grow at a fast pace. We have learned to adapt to what the rest of the world needs. There may be some traditions that are firm and must be strictly followed but we know when it’s fine to break some rules.

Successful career women are usually the ones who no longer rely on their parents for food, shelter and all their other basic needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we forget about our families. We care about them and share our blessings with them. But we can start being independent and stand on our own. In many cases, there are Thai women who are successful in their careers and are have even become the primary breadwinner for their families.

For instance, it is very common among Thai families to stay together even after one of their children get married. You shouldn’t be surprised if a Thai woman you are planning to get married to told you that she wants the both of you to live with her parents after your wedding.

In many cases, however, when it comes to Thai women who are successful in their careers, we tend to be more flexible when it comes to these rules and traditions. Back in college, I lived with my aunt’s family based in Bangkok. A year before graduation, I started working in a restaurant that resulted to me coming home late every night. Because my aunt had rules about late night curfews, I eventually moved out to a small apartment of my own. It was more like a room for rent.

This became my living setup for a few years before I managed to save enough money to make a down payment for my first condominium unit. Although I offered, my parents opted to stay in our hometown and I had to be in Bangkok for work.

What I’m pointing out is that Thai women like me can stay respectful and loving to our families, but we can also have our own lives. If you’re looking for a Thai woman to date and eventually get serious with, and you don’t want their families to get in the way or if you’re simply not comfortable with living with her parents, know that this is possible and there are plenty of Thai women just like me.

These Thai women are not only found in our capital city of Bangkok. They are everywhere! You might happen to chance upon one as you go on a relaxing night out with your friends. You can even come across a lovely and successful Thai woman as you get you cup of coffee in a shop near your office in the morning. However, all these encounters are by chance and you’ll never really know if someone you see is actually a career woman because you’ll most likely have first impressions as your basis.

If you don’t like wasting your time with guessing games, I recommend checking out a Thai dating app. This app includes the profile of a Thai woman you might be interested in. If she shares it, you will see right away what she does for a living, her interests and other basic information about her. Especially if these specifics such as her career and her interests matter to you prior to asking her out on a date, or if you’re not comfortable with in-person first meetings, then a dating app would be perfect for you.

Advantages of Dating a Thai Woman with a Successful Career

By now, you already have an idea of what I mean when I write about a Western man dating a Thai woman with a successful career.

I am not telling you to check on the career of a Thai lady prior to dating her. That is definitely not the point. However, you must know that there’s a difference between dating someone with a successful career versus someone who works odd jobs to make ends meet or someone who still lives in their small town family home and relying on their parents for most of the things they need.

Using my personal experience as someone who has a fairly successful career and with the knowledge I get from several friends who are equally successful and also dating foreign men, I will share with you point by point the advantages of dating a Thai woman with a successful career. These advantages will ultimately have an impact on your relationship so hopefully these pieces of information can help you out.

  1. She can take care of herself.

    One of the best things about a Thai woman with a successful career is her ability to take care of herself. She isn’t too needy. She isn’t too high maintenance. If she does have high standards when it comes to material possessions or her looks, she wouldn’t be depending on you for those.

    She is most likely used to going out on her own or with her friends. She’s the type who would appreciate you opening the car door for her or assisting her to her seat for dinner, but she wouldn’t mind if you don’t. You don’t have to carry her shopping bags and you probably don’t have to go with her if she wants to go shopping. Yes, you wouldn’t have to wait for hours outside a woman’s fashion store as she chooses from endless selections of clothes and accessories.

    She will appreciate it if you pick her up in the morning before work or if you fetch her from the office at the end of the day, but again, you don’t have to. She probably has a car of her own or knows her way very well when riding public transportation.

    She isn’t a damsel in distress. She isn’t that type of woman who fully depends on her man for anything and everything. She can look after herself. She will survive with or without you.

  2. She will make time for you.

    Unless you’re way too demanding when it comes to spending time together, you won’t have any problems with a Thai woman who is successful in her career. Of course, she will most likely be at work at least 8 hours every day; that can be more or less if she owns a business or does something else aside from office work. There might be occasional overtime hours but she will always have time for you.

    She is great when it comes to time management. Doesn’t it feel much better when you know that she’s making time for you instead of having all the time in the world to spend with you simply because she has nothing else to do?

  3. She will give you your space.
    She will also give you your space. She wouldn’t be too clingy or way too possessive. She most likely has friends of her own and she will spend time with them too. She will hang out with her colleagues every once in a while, as well. In that case, you will have your own space because she won’t always be around. She will love you and you will mean a lot to her but she realizes the importance of not making her world revolve around you and only you.

  4. She can provide for herself.

    It’s really unfortunate how many Western men think that dating Thai women and Asian women in general means that the man must be the provider. You have to have your own job. You can’t expect the Thai woman, even if she has a thriving career, to support you. But you don’t have to support her financially. She can very well provide for herself and her loved ones. Unless, of course, if you ask her to stop working so she can be a full-time wife and mother.

    There are certain exceptions though. For example, in my hometown, there are several local women who ended up marrying foreigners. One of them, my childhood friend Chimlin, didn’t go to college. Instead, she settled in helping her mother selling handicrafts and souvenirs to tourists straight from high school. A few years ago, she met a European man who she later on married.

    Chimlin works with and for her mother. When she married, she still assumed responsibility in helping out her parents. Because she doesn’t know any other work besides selling in the market, her husband helped her send cash to her parents on a monthly basis.

    That is not going to be the case if you were dating a Thai woman with a successful career. If she had financial responsibilities to her family, she will most likely send the money she is earning from her own job.

  5. She loves her job

    When things become more serious and you intend to marry her and start a family together but you don’t want to settle here in Thailand or you want her to become a full-time housewife and stay at home mum this may cause a problem.

    If you want her to drop everything especially her job or move across the world to start a family with you will have to be very understanding because as you will see her future here is stable. She’s in a strong position in her career and also her life. She wouldn’t want to risk to lose everything she worked for. The idea to start a new life someplace else or quit her job it’s the unknown and can be scary for her.

    However, you don’t have to worry about that too much because from my experience there are still many successful Thai career women that will prioritize being a wife and mother despite having a successful career. She wouldn’t mind risking what she worked hard for if that is required for her to care for her children and her family.

    It’s best to openly talk about how willing she is to relocate and settle elsewhere. This is one important thing that you might have to consider before you date successful Thai woman these days.

  6. She can show you around her country.
    Why hire a tour guide when your lady can show you around our beautiful country? Someone with a successful career is most likely well-read and has travelled at least around Thailand. She would love to be with you as she shows you with pride the world-famous tourist spots of our country as well as hidden gems that you probably wouldn’t even know about unless you’re with a Thai local.

  7. She can handle judgmental stares.

    Don’t be surprised if you see other Thai men and women, especially the elderly ones, staring at you and your Thai girlfriend as you hold hands while walking in a public area. This is perfectly normal. It isn’t a good feeling, of course, and many Thai women probably won’t be able to stand these awkward stares and the gossips.

    Many Thai women with successful careers though wouldn’t mind. However, it is important for you to respect her choices as Thais are generally more conservative compared to Western women. If she asks you not to put your arm around her shoulders or kiss her on the lips in public, then don’t. Don’t take it against her. She probably doesn’t want other people to be uncomfortable around you.

  8. She values strong family ties.
    You will love that Thais value strong family ties. She loves her family and would probably want to visit them from time to time. She will want to stay connected with them as much as she can because in our culture, our family and our parents are the most important thing. And of course, she will also do the same for your own family.

  9. She is emotionally strong.

    She is strong. There are still successful Thai women, myself included, who can be in touch with their sensitive side and are not ashamed to shed a tear every once in a while. However, we are still considered strong emotionally. We won’t get hurt over the littlest things. We understand what a mature relationship should be like.

    More importantly, we know and understand that there are certain differences when it comes to culture and traditions when dating Western men. As I mentioned earlier, we can bend certain rules and traditions from time to time if that’s what is needed to make the relationship work.

    Allow me to share this experience with my current boyfriend. He is an expat working in Bangkok, and quite a good-looking guy too. I have to admit that there are times when I get jealous when I see him conversing with other women. I wouldn’t say anything upfront though because I dislike confrontations. Instead, I would just share that with him in private if I wasn’t comfortable with something he did. I wouldn’t make such a big deal about it and make things too dramatic.

  10. She’s a great problem solver.

    Last but definitely not the least, you should know that we are great problem solvers. We won’t rely on you for everything and anything. Little issues can be handled smoothly and you probably won’t even notice that we were in fact going through something.

    We will most likely share bigger problems with you. We will appreciate if you help us out by suggesting solutions. However, you don’t have to be our savior at all times. It’s okay for you to ask if we need your help, and if we refuse, don’t take it negatively. It’s just that we’re not as weak as you may perceive us to be.

A Thai Woman Who Was Born for You

There are plenty of single Thai women all across the country and many of them are even located in different parts of the world. You might end up with someone independent and has a successful career or someone who still lives with her parents and doesn’t have a professional career at all.

Once you meet the Thai woman of your dreams, if you feel that she is truly the one for you, what she does for a living or how she lives her life probably won’t even matter to you.

The point of this post is to let you see the advantages of choosing to date a Thai woman with a successful career. Of course, just like dating in general, there may be issues that can arise in the middle of the relationship; however, it’s up to you whether you let the small disadvantages outweigh the good things.

Good luck in finding your dream girl!

6 thoughts on “Dating a Successful Thai Career Woman”

  1. It seriously may not be easy getting a decent and career-successful Thailand woman. Reason being most girls that flock around foreigners here are just the cheap ones looking for a mighty provider for them. But trust me; if you ever get one, you’d be grateful all your life. They are unique, understanding and know the right things to do at the right time.
    Nice post here! Lucas.

    1. Yeah, I found it hard to woo a successful Thai woman – their tastes are different and high class, almost like a Western woman. But what I love about them is that they have the classiness of Western girls but the attitude of a Thai woman – it’s like the best of both worlds!

  2. Most of my friends are married to ordinary Thai women and not the “successful ” type. I guess by “successful” you are referring to westernized type of women. They have a bit of money and have by and large adpoted a western attitude to life. There are many successful Thai women who don’t act western and some of my friends are married or dating these kind of women. While I understand the point you are trying to make I really think you have to rework your definition of “successful”.

  3. This is a very interesting topic. I will throw in my two cents worth. I have lived in Thailand for over ten years and my experience tells me most “successful” Thai women would chose a Thai man first. Most won’t agree with this assertion but I will stand by it. There is a funny connection between success and nationalism is Thailand. I’m not saying you won’t find the odd expat married to a successful Thai woman. You will but it’s most definitely not the norm.

  4. I have always been attracted to go getting women. Women who wait for handouts from men bore me to death. Nothing beats dating a successful Thai woman though. Not only do you get to hang out with a confident successful woman, you get one who is respectful of her culture, you and her family. It’s like hitting four or five birds with one stone. Unlike successful women in the west, they will not accuse of parasitism.

  5. I consider my Thai wife to be successful. I still remember when we were dating. It was not easy. First, successful Thai women live busy lives just like their western counterparts. Dating is sometimes the last thing on their minds. It is very difficult to get even the first date. My wife has her own business and she was so busy I managed a couple of dates in the first three months.

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